How to say “hot guy”, “cool guy”, “good looking guy” in Japanese?


【Ikemen  イケメン】


Men with good looks are called “ikemen.” This is a compound word made from “iketeru (= good looking)” and “men (= male)” as well as “men (= face).” This word is mainly used by young people. It can be used as in “ikemen actor” or “ikemen lawyer.”



A: ねぇ、さっきの店員さん見た?

B: 見たー!イケメンだったね!!

Wakai jyosei doushi no kaiwa

A: Nee, sakki no ten-in san mita?

B: Mita!  Ikemen datta ne!!


English Translation: Conversation between two young women

A: Wow, did you see that store clerk?

B: You bet! He’s a total “ikemen”!!



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The Iidabashi Japanese Language School motto is "Be Unique, Have fun Globally!" We teach classes focused on conversation skills to foreigners living in Japan.

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