Shimokitazawa & Japanese Craft Beer

May 11th, 2012By Category: Culture, Travel

Just in Japan: Local Discoveries

Episode 01: Shimokitazawa & Japanese Craft Beer

Shinjuku, Akihabara, Harajuku, Shibuya… Even lacking context, there’s a degree of familiarity in these names even for those uninitiated in Tokyo’s bustling local districts. Brimming with impressive sights and sounds, there’s a lot to love about Japan’s tantalizing metropolis, but in a city of such scale and diversity, there lies hidden nearly an infinite number of places and people that convey the nature of the country and its personality that go largely undiscovered or underappreciated.

Join navigator and wanderer Justin Potts as he takes you through areas of Tokyo often overlooked by most travelers, taking in unique local vibes and searching out people and places in the city where you might get a “taste” of other areas of rural Japan without having to leave the city. For special episodes, trek along with him as he visits remote areas of Japan, chatting with locals and getting schooled in local cuisine, offering a rare glimpse into the Japan that so many seek, but rarely find.

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  • Mike Staffa

    Great video from a great production company!

  • Anthony Cochran

    Nicely Done! Just moved from San Diego, one of the craft beer capitals of the world and I am hoping to explore the Japanese craft scene.

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