Art is Everywhere, Even on Sewer Covers

June 18th, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment, Travel

Japanese art has a wide range of style. There’s ancient pottery, wood and bronze sculpture, silk and paper. These all show one thing: Japanese artists are extremely talented and resourceful. You don’t need to go to museums just to see for yourself. In Japan, they take “art is everywhere” literally, even in the streets. Check out these intricate works of art on sewer covers around the city.

The idea of painting these sewer covers serves as a cheerful greeting to visitors who walk the streets, and also to say that manhole covers aren’t just big pieces of round metal that cover the sewer systems.

Photos by tisebgrissssrumpleteaser, Toru_Okada, pokoroto, minerva95aus, cochiharu, kyorei and Dirtyrobot via Flickr Creative Commons

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