Romantic Places in Kyoto, Moon Crossing Bridge

February 8th, 2013By Category: Arts & Entertainment, Culture, Photography, Travel

If you visit Arashiyama, the area in western Kyoto famous for its bamboo groves, go to the nearby Togetsukyo Bridge, to admire the scenery of the green Mount Arashiyama.


The first bridge here was about 200 meters upstream from the current location and it was a lot more beautiful, wooden and painted in vermillion. But since it was destroyed many times by floods, a new location was selected and the new bridge was made of concrete, in 1934. However, the architects tried to preserve the original shape.

The place is considered a romantic one and even the bridge’s name, that can be translated as the “Moon Crossing Bridge”, makes it seem romantic… This name was given by the Emperor Kameyama, because the bridge seemed to stretch to the moon. But be aware, a local tradition says that you should not come here on a “first date” – then you may have bad luck

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  • leslie nguyen

    Nice image, but bad luck on the first date eh? Hmmm.

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