What is “close! Almost!” in Japanese?

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Close! Almost!


At a soccer game (*Casual)
Announcer: Honda shoots! Almost! (He hit) the goal post!
Spectator: Man, that one was so close.

It’s a word that expresses the feeling of regret at failing due to being just slightly off. It’s also used in situations such as describing test scores.

Friend 1: How did you do on the test?
Friend 2: I was one point off and ended up failing.
Friend 1: Oh, I see. You were so close, too…

例) *カジュアル サッカー実況
アナウンサー: 本田、シュート!おしい!ゴールポスト(にあたった)!


友達1: 試験どうだった?
友達2: 1点足りなくて、落ちちゃった。
友達1: そうなんだ〜。惜しかったね。。。

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