How to say “flirting” in Japanese

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nanpa (suru) ,  gyaku nan (suru)


When a guy calls on a girl to invite her somewhere, either in a club or on the street. As a verb, is said: “nanpa suru” The opening for the invitation is usually an “invitation to tea”, “invitation to karaoke”, or “invitation to go for a drink.” “Gyaku nanpa” occurs when a girl calls out to a guy to invite him somewhere.

Japanese Example

A:Kinou, club de mecha type no ko ga itandakedo.

A:Nanpa shiyo toshitara, hokano yatsu ni saki kosarechattandayo.

A: さいきん、彼氏ができたんだ。
B: どこで知り会ったの?
A: 渋谷で逆ナンした!?

A: Saikin, kareshi ga dekitanda.
B: Doko de shiriatta no?
A: Shibuya de gyakunan shita!?

English Translation
Two guy friends are having a conversation
A: There was a super hot girl at the club yesterday.
B: Oh.
A: I tried to pick (nanpa) her up, but another guy beat me to it.

Gyaku nan: The opposite of nanpa, when a girl approaches a guy.
A conversation between two young women
A: I got a boyfriend recently.
B: Where did you meet him?
A: I picked (gyaku nanpa) him up in Shibuya.

The word “nanpa” comes from the Japanese word for “moderate”(軟派nanpa). If you use it too much, you might be taken for a someone shallow person.


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