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  • The Beatles on iTunes and in Japan
    November 17th, 2010By Category: Arts & Entertainment
    As announced by Apple last night, the back catalogue of the Beatles is now available for download on iTunes and is all set to make a big splash in time for Christmas and New Year sales. If you want to take your interest in the band's music beyond digital downloads h ... » Continue Reading
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    Japan Inc. investing big in electric cars
    November 9th, 2010By Category: Work Tips
    Tesla Motors is a hot start-up company based in Silicon Valley that is fast catching the eye of those tracking the future of the automobile industry. The company designs, manufactures and sells electric cars and is most famous for its Roadster. Tesla has caught the ... » Continue Reading
  • Money Worship
    August 31st, 2010By Category: Culture
    We took a look at his business background previously and now Japan Trends is reporting on a new move by Takafumi Horie, the former CEO of Livedoor who dropped out of Tokyo University and tried to take over one of the biggest media companies in Japan. That move? Into ... » Continue Reading
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    The death of the shop assistant?
    August 2nd, 2010By Category: Culture
    Japanese convenience store am/pm is getting around the problem of a decreasing work force in Japan by continuing to put entire shops inside vending machines. CScout reports that am/pm has 520 locations that feature many of the popular items in convenience stores, such ... » Continue Reading
  • Living Samurai
    May 25th, 2010By Category: Video
    A very cool Matsuri, held in Odawara, near Tokyo and brought to you here once again thanks to whose Japan tilt shift photography GP recently looked at. It's pretty long but offers a cool look back into Japanese history. Still remember the first time I saw s ... » Continue Reading
  • Tokyo Baby Cafe
    April 7th, 2010By Category: Uncategorized
    The second GaijinPot story for today looking at Japanese architecture. Meguro, Tokyo-based Japanese design boutique Nendo has recently made a splash with its friendly, consumer-focused designs.  Catering for both parents and kids, their new Tokyo Baby Cafe is a fantas ... » Continue Reading
  • Japanese Elevator signs
    November 11th, 2009By Category: Uncategorized
    Ride up and down the elevators of Japanese office blocks and you may well come across some very suggestive signs.  Not signs of anything going on, or signs which might suggest you have entered the twilight zone.  But signs telling you just what it is you can't do. ... » Continue Reading