Kyle Remmenga

I came to Japan in 2010, having never planned on coming. In fact, only three years prior, in 2007, I only knew two Japanese people who worked in the movie industry with me in Hollywood. However, things change. I moved into an exchange house for foreign students in Los Angeles, and the rest is history. Then circumstances brought me here with my lovely wife, Ikuko and here I'm stuck. For now. When I arrived, I couldn't speak a word of Japanese and was utterly lost in a world of organized urban chaos. Like many people in my situation, I taught English to get by. Still do. I longed for the dark windowless rooms of my editing bay back in Hollywood.
Arts have always been my passion. And in Japan, we all know, the nail which sticks out gets hammered down. But I forced myself to adapt. I grabbed a camera and turned my knowledge of the moving picture into a tool for the creation of unique still photography. I left my day job at Nova and jumped back into photography head first.
To my surprise, I have found Japan to have many deep unseen layers. Layers that are usually only attributed to diverse cultural mega centers like Los Angeles, London, or Hong Kong. Things that people who live here their whole lives simply walk by and never notice. As I explore them, I will share my findings with you. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.
I currently own and operate Escape from Your Brain Photography.