Bridge Life UR Housing

Exceptional public housing apartments & residences offered at excellent value.

Bridge Life is an experienced team, focusing on providing high-quality public housing in and around Tokyo.

Multilingual customer care and exceptional services catering to the needs of foreign residents keep us in high-demand. Bridge Life’s range of UR (Urban Renewal) housing represents high-quality residences owned by the government and leased at fantastic value to private individuals and families wherever they come from in the world.

home There’s No Place Like Home.

Bridge Life’s UR housing includes several mansion complexes located in the heart of Tokyo. With comfortable interiors, a room layout to match your needs and full support with utilities and services, UR housing is the most inclusive place to dwell for your time in Japan.

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  • No Key Money
  • No Commission
  • No Renewal Charge
  • No Guarantor

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On all Bridge Life UR Housing there is no need to pay agency commissions, renewal fees or key money. Services can be set to your needs including help with utilities such as water, electricity, gas and telephone / internet connections, along with information on jobs, removal companies, luxuries and daily support.

UR apartments are conveniently located for working professionals, families and urban dwellers and are owned by the Japanese government guaranteeing strict laws of conduct and service. Each residence includes basic fixtures and finishes, along with careful attention to detail and safety. Additionally the complete English language support offered by Bridge Life is just a phone call away if needed.

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Don’t miss out on this one of a kind living experience! Contact us today and make a reservation to get help finding suitable accommodation in Tokyo.

Let us know your needs and desires we choose a room layout or floor plan thats suits you in the area that you have selected. We will check the availability for you and make the reservation on your behalf.


Contact Information

Company: Bridge Life Inc

Keiai Building 2nd floor, 2-38-8,
Minami-Urawa, Minami-ku,
Saitama-shi, Saitama, 336-0017, Japan

Tel: 048-795-7320

Fax: 048-795-7321



Kawadacho Comfort Garden
One minute from Akebonobashi station by walking


Ebisu View Tower
Ten minutes from Ebisu Station by walking


Toyosu Shell Tower
One minute from Toyosu Station by walking


Art Village Osaki View Tower
Five minutes from Osaki Station by walking


Kojima-cho 2-Chome
Three minutes from Nishikasai Station by walking


Ojima 6-Chome
One minute from Ojima Station by walking


Kameido 2-Chome
Eight minutes from Kameido Station by walking


“UR properties are excellent deals and perfect for foreigners. The rent
is significantly cheaper than comparable properties in the same
location, there’s no key money and the landlord is the government so
they have to strictly follow their own rules which favor the tenant.”

P, Company CEO – 30

“I’ve been in Japan for 15 years, lived
in about 7 different types of residences from guest house to 30 floor
apartment building to 3-storey house and I highly recommend UR
properties. Anyone can apply and the system is fair. It’s not public
housing like we know back home. UR is quality inner-city living.
Personally I still live in UR and don’t intend to move!”

W. Entrepreneur – 35

“We had heard about UR housing and wanted to find out if there was a room to match our needs but we could not get a reservation to see any properties, Bridge Life changed all that by making a reservation for us and insuring that we got priority on any apartments that matched our needs.”

B, Multinational – 30

We just moved to Tokyo and didnt know anyone. Without a guarontor I had barely any choice for finding a comfortable apartment at a reasonable price. Bridge Life, with its simple criteria was able to find me a great place in a UR house.

H, Restaurateur M – 38

“I couldn’t speak Japanese well enough to find my own place to stay, to be able to receive full support in everything I needed at no extra cost made my life so much easier.”

T, Student – 26