Gaba One to One English

Since its start in 1995, Gaba has been steadfast in its commitment to quality instruction. Lessons have always been one client at a time with an emphasis on customization. The one-to-one approach is the most effective way to develop ability and confidence in speaking English. Blending unique teaching materials with computer technology, Gaba has grown steadily and can now boast a total of 37 Learning Studios stretching across Japan from Kobe in the west to Chiba in the east. Located centrally and designed with comfort in mind, clients and instructors alike enjoy coming to Gaba.

The People

Clients study for a variety of motives. Many are working professionals who need to use English in business. There are also homemakers, students and even some children. Purpose of study differs and so does learning style. Recognizing this, Gaba promises to tailor each lesson to each individual. Customization means making every lesson relevant to the specific client in terms of content and delivery.

This is no easy task. Such a promise means lofty expectations on the part of the clients. Gaba requires a broad range of instructors. The average instructor is in his/her early thirties with two plus years of experience teaching at Gaba. Some 60 countries are represented by the instructors here; professional backgrounds are even more varied. Gaba takes a great deal of pride in this diversity; it has been fundamental to the company’s success.

The Teaching

Clients study from Gaba’s proprietary learning materials. All texts are seamlessly integrated with the GabaWeb. Instructors simply look online for lesson plans, expansion activities and teaching tips. Perhaps more importantly, the GabaWeb contains extensive client records. What with the importance of customizing each lesson, information on the client’s language ability, learning style, motives coupled with knowledge of their profession, pastimes and travel experiences is invaluable. For new instructors thorough certification is available to ensure that all the tools can be used confidently and to maximum effect.

The Opportunities

“Flexibility” is often quoted as the most appealing aspect of teaching with Gaba. As independent contractors, instructors choose the days of the week they work and the frequency. This allows instructors to pursue other interests liberally – be it hobbies, studies or other work. For those committed to teaching more, there are incentives available. Also, Gaba’s unique “belting system” offers higher pay for top performers. Those with aspirations of developing their skills sets can move beyond teaching into sales, management and more. In fact, Gaba always looks first to its instructor pool when filling full-time positions.


Gaba recruits regularly. Applications are accepted from within Japan and abroad. Visit the website – for more details and the online application form. also has a comprehensive listing of available positions.

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“Gaba’s intranet resources make it easy to plan customized, relevant lessons for each client, which makes lessons more interesting for both of us.”

“Working in Shinjuku is great! I can go to my favorite restaurants and coffee shops in my break. The students are fun; I meet interesting new people everyday.”

“The flexibility has allowed me to do so many other things with my time here. Currently, I work a few evenings a week at Gaba and intern at a music magazine in the afternoons.”

“I started as an instructor 12 months ago and now I’m an Instructor Manager. I can’t wait for the next challenge. It’s great to feel you can really get somewhere with a company.”