Time to Rebuild

If you have ever entertained the idea of spending some time living and working in Japan teaching English and learning more about this wonderful country now is the time to come.
Now is the time where you can make a huge difference. Now is the time when you can help Japan rebuild. Japan Needs You!

Messages from Employers

Many of GaijinPot’s job advertisers rely heavily on foreign nationals living and working in Japan to teach English to their students. Now, more than ever, Japan needs you!

– Peter Wilson, GPlus Media (co-owner of GaijinPot.com)

Help by working in Japan!


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Today the weather in Tokyo is beautiful. Sunny Blue Skies and Cherry Blossom in full bloom. On days like these I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

– British, Translator, Tokyo

A lot of people ran away from Japan, however, only the strong [and responsible] survive. With courage and respect I stand by the Japanese and the country which adopted me. I came from nothing, and became something! God bless Japan!

This is a time when our Japanese friends are most in need of us staying here and lending a helping hand in whatever way we can. Please pitch in now.

– Joel Glasser, American, Tokyo, Consultant

Japan has become our home and it was always good to us. Now, more then ever, we need to “pay back” and help the economy to recover as soon as possible. We are here to stay and help…

– Peter, Tomoko and Yamato-kun Slovakian, living in Machida, camerama

I’m a Catalan designer, but Japan is my home. I’ll help rebuild it with my work and encourage my friends to visits this great country.

– Isaac

Living and working in Japan has not only given me a new working-experience, but also given my soul a new kind of tranquillity never experienced before. Come and experience it you too!

– Assistant Language Teacher, Kashiwa (from Sweden)

I live in Tokyo from almost 3 years and I really want to stay for a long time.
Nihon, you are the country of the rising sun, so let the sun rising again in your heart.
Issho ni, gambarimashou !

– from beatrice, french woman, living in Nishi Ogi, Tokyo, Japan
french teacher, (currently job seeker)

This is a wonderful place to live and work. Period. If you’re not sure of the way forward wherever you are, try anywhere in Japan.

– Graphic Arts, Tokyo

Japan has gone through and come back from much worse then this. This country will come back better and stronger than ever.

– Entrepreneur, Osaka

Lived in Japan over half my life. Japan has been good to me and now I must repay that kindness by continuing my life and business here.

– British, Tokyo, Small business owner.

It might be harder to buy bottled water, there are less flashy neons in Shibuya but Tokyo has never been as human. I don’t plan to go anywhere else.

– French, Tokyo, Public relation

I have been here for 14 years. Japan has given me a lot, and to have fled in panic would have been a betrayal. It’s a privilege to remain in this wonderful country and see it get back on its feet.

– JB, Irish, Teacher

I fell in love with Japan the first time I got here. The scenic surroundings, great food, and well-mannered people. I believe Japan can rise above everything and anything!

– Filipino-Chinese, Sales, Tokyo

I’m an american living in tokyo for the last five months and i love it here. Looking forward to do my part to help rebuild japan…

I worked & studied in Japan for 2 yrs. I love Japan & it’s people. I pray for all of you! You are not alone! We are with you!
May God Protect you!

Personally I am embarrassed by the Flyjin’s, the foreigners who have left a country that welcomed them just when they are needed the most. I hope they never come back, who needs fair weather friends like these?

Moving to Japan was the best decision I ever made. Teaching as an ALT has been the best job I have ever had – no joke. Please ignore the over-hyped western press about Japan, and try something new!

– British, Saitama, ALT

As the cherry blossoms start to bloom around us, we are reminded of the cycle of rebirth and renewal…Life goes on.

– English teacher, Kyoto

Two overawing things about Japan after the disasters: the staggering damage done and the indomitability of the people. This nation is beautiful. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

– American, Tokyo

I am trying to bring a hospital ship to Japan from Russia to help survivors of the quake get medical aid and a better place to stay. Look up a hospital ship on Facebook, look, like and link!

– Elena, English teacher in Tokyo

I am in Japan as a visitor. I want to work here but have made no headway with my applications. It is truly a marvelous place.

I was amazed at the strength of the Japanese people displaced by the disaster – there was no looting, no moaning and no queue jumping at the food lines, volunteer centres everywhere are filled with volunteers – especially young people – Japan will positivley get back on its feet and be stronger

Time are tough but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! Ganbatte Japan!

It’s times like these that teachers can make a big difference by keeping our students learning and having a good time. Every little thing adds up and we all can make a difference.

I live and work in Japan for 1,5 years now. And especially now I want to stay and share hope and will with my students. It’s not so easy for German nationals, but I am doing my best, like everyone here.

Well, after all this bad events, I just see that Japanese are the most well organized nation in the world. Working as volunteer I discoverd that I have so much to learn about “be human”.
Shame on those who give up to this country.

– Southern Brazilian, Photographer

This is the time to show your courage and not succumb to paranoia and mass hysteria, i have remained in Tokyo and i will continue doing so to demonstrate how much i love this country.

– Singaporean, Tokyo, Graduate Student

Japan is a great and beautiful country !!! I see no reason yet to leave here !! Let´s all work together to rebuild Japan and help Japan to overcome this crisis !!

– German, Hiroshima, Artist and teacher

Staying in Tokyo for last 3 and half years and I bet you have more Risk elsewhere than in Tokyo/Japan . Its safe under the current situation .

– Indian-Financial IT domain – TOKYO

If you have the opportunity to come to Japan to work, enjoy it! It will change you forever.

– 暖より – Saitama-ken

I’ve been living here on Kyushu for 16 years. Teaching English in Kurume City and living in Tosu, Saga. Married to a wonderful woman and loving it!

People are crazy. There is some damage, sure, but Japan is still strong. A minor bump will not derail 2000 years of history. Japan endures.

I worked in Japan for 18 years and then made the mistake of leaving. Now, I would very much like to return!

Shame on anyone who abandoned their job in Tokyo recently! I won’t abandon Japan so easily, and I will be taking your old job soon!

“I’m having a blast in Tokyo so far…I’m an Architect by trade, but here in Japan, they don’t hire many foreign Architects so I’m teaching English!”

– English Teacher (professional Architect), Tokyo

“I ask all employers to reach out and hire someone from the quake-affected areas. The evacuees need hope and a future, which means a job so they look after their families.”

– Australian, Editor, Tokyo

“I’ve been living here for 7 years and came here directly out of university. The majority of my professional life has been in Tokyo and am the person I am today because of Japan. I will not allow the media’s hype and sensationalism to drive me away from here. ”

– Canadian, Business Development Manager, Tokyo

“It’s understandable that some people feel the need to leave with concerns about the current crisis in Japan but I’m living life as usual here in Tokyo. I’m doing my part in helping this country rebuild by returning to work.”

– Anonymous, Tokyo

“I have been living and working in Japan for more than 10 years. Discovering Japan and getting to know the country, its history and people has been a life-defining experience for me. I’m still here in Tokyo and not going anywhere!”

– Sales, Tokyo

“I’m not overly concerned with the state of events in Japan. I believe the country will get back on it’s feet again. I work in Tokyo and the trains are as crowded as ever with people going to work. Life is already returning to normal.”

– Designer, Tokyo

“I’ve never ever been good in chemistry class. Now I believe I can pass the test.”

– Illustrator, Tokyo


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