Time to Rebuild


There was an overwhelming response from our Japan Needs You project we recently launched to encourage people living in Japan and around the world to ‘share their voice’ to help and support ‘rebuilding Japan.’

Thank you.

As a result of the influx of messages we received, we decided to extend the project to dedicate and better present them to you. Please, keep your messages coming in!

Well, after all this bad events, I just see that Japanese are the most well organized nation in the world. Working as volunteer I discoverd that I have so much to learn about “be human”.
Regret at those who give up to this country.

– Southern Brazilian, Photographer

For most people in Japan, everything is fine here, the only problem we face is ignorant rumours. Even the people living near the nuclear reactor are basically fine. Our hearts go out to the victims of the Tsunami absolutely, but life is going on, needs to go on.

– Anonymous

Now is the time that We(foreigners) have to be together and work hard to stay and support this nation that gave so much benefits to our lifes.
Show that is not true that all Gaijins as scaped Japan.

– Games Tester, Italian

This is the time to show your courage and not succumb to paranoia and mass hysteria, i have remained in Tokyo and i will continue doing so to demonstrate how much i love this country.

– Singaporean, Tokyo, Graduate Student

I’m from Spain, I live in Tokyo and I love this country, I will support Japan forever and I believe in this country. Let’s help to rebuild Japan, all together. We are the only ones able to go against sensationalist mass-media. Thank you Japan, you helped me to be who I’m now, studying and working what I really wanted.

– Marketing Advisor, Tokyo

Japan is a great and beautiful country !!! I see no reason yet to leave here !! Let´s all work together to rebuild Japan and help Japan to overcome this crisis !!

– German, Hiroshima, Artist and teacher

I have been living in Tokyo and Sapporo for as an all together 16 years, and love this country. I am sure that Japan will bounce back even stronger after all this, the country culture roots are so amazingly strong and history has already shown that they could rebuilt and bounce back even stronger after huge and painful time like lately…and it will certainly like only Japanese can do!
I would be ready and proud to go back and help out working there to rebuilt confidence in my industry ,whenever the opportunity occur.

– Resident Manager, Chongqing, China

I was amazed at the strength of the Japanese people displaced by the disaster – there was no looting, no moaning and no queue jumping at the food lines, volunteer centres everywhere are filled with volunteers – especially young people – Japan will positivley get back on its feet and be stronger

– Anonymous

Time are tough but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! Ganbatte Japan!
It’s times like these that teachers can make a big difference by keeping our students learning and having a good time. Every little thing adds up and we all can make a difference.

– Anonymous

I lived and worked in Gifu-ken, Japan from 2002-2008. I absolutely loved it! If I could go back, I would. Teaching in Japan was the best experience of my life. Japan and the Japanese people will always have a special place in my heart!!!!!

– Anonymous

Staying in Tokyo for last 3 and half years and I bet you have more Risk elsewhere than in Tokyo/Japan . Its safe under the current situation.

– Indian-Financial IT domain – Tokyo

I’ve now been teaching in and around Tokyo for 11 years. This my home as well and I am not planning on leaving when there are so many countrymen that need our help.

– Anonymous

I’ve been living working in Japan for the past 8 yrs, always have respected the resilience of the Japanese people to remain calm, even in situations this; I often go to Sendai, Kesennuma, Ishinomaki hand deliver in person face to face to people at the shelters, handmade postcards that my family and I have made, in the US there would be total chaos, proud to live and be a member of the Japanese society. Let’s move forward together,

– Jim B

If you have the opportunity to come to Japan to work, enjoy it! It will change you forever.

– 暖より Saitama-ken

I’ve been living here on Kyushu for 16 years. Teaching English in Kurume City and living in Tosu, Saga. Married to a wonderful woman and loving it!

– Anonymous

People are crazy. There is some damage, sure, but Japan is still strong. A minor bump will not derail 2000 years of history. Japan endures.

– Anonymous

Today the weather in Tokyo is beautiful.
Sunny Blue Skies and Cherry Blossom in full bloom.
On days like these I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

– British, Translator, Tokyo

I worked in Japan for 18 years and then made the mistake of leaving. Now, I would very much like to return!

– Anonymous

I have been in Japan almost 8 years and this is my home! Here is my family and here are my friends. I believe in this country and in the capability of its people to move on. This is the spirit.

– Manager, Hitachi City (Ibaraki)

A lot of people ran away from Japan, however, only the strong [and responsible] survive. With courage and respect I stand by the Japanese and the country which adopted me. I came from nothing, and became something! God bless Japan!

– Anonymous

This is a time when our Japanese friends are most in need of us staying here and lending a helping hand in whatever way we can. Please pitch in now.

– JG, American, Tokyo, Consultant

Japan has gone through and come back from much worse then this. This country will come back better and stronger than ever.

-Entrepreneur, Osaka

Japan has become our home and it was always good to us. Now, more then ever, we need to “pay back” and help the economy to recover as soon as possible. We are here to stay and help…

– Peter, Tomoko and Yamato-kun Slovakian, living in Machida, Cameraman

I’m a Catalan designer, but Japan is my home. I’ll help rebuild it with my work and encourage my friends to visits this great country.

– Isaac

Living and working in Japan has not only given me a new working-experience, but also given my soul a new kind of tranquillity never experienced before. Come and experience it you too!

– Assistant Language Teacher, Kashiwa (from Sweden)

I live in Tokyo from almost 3 years and I really want to stay for a long time. Nihon, you are the country of the rising sun, so let the sun rising again in your heart.
Issho ni, gambarimashou !

– from Beatrice, French woman, living in Nishi Ogi, Tokyo, Japan
French teacher

This is a wonderful place to live and work. Period. If you’re not sure of the way forward wherever you are, try anywhere in Japan.

-Graphic Arts, Tokyo

Unfortunately I only visited Japan, and every time I left there a piece of my heart. I really would help to rise up this beutyfull country.

– Martial Art Intructor, Italy

You see a person’s true colors through how they act when times are tough. This is possibly the worst thing that could happen in Japan, yet people continue to behave politiely, act in an orderly manner (no looting) and sacrifice for the greater good. This is something that people should want to be a part of.

– Lawyer, Tokyo

Japan has given me so much over the last 5 years, so I will not abandon my second home so easily! I think things are looking up in Tokyo, and I am definitely still here! I encourage everyone to donate to the relief efforts if possible!

– Translator, Tokyo

Lived in Japan over half my life. Japan has been good to me and now I must repay that kindness by continuing my life and business here.

– British, Tokyo, Small business owner

In the past I have been living 15 years in Japan and am still visiting regularly. I am overwhelmed and simply impressed by the spirit of solidarity and professional attitude of the Japanese people and especially the rescue workers in the center of disaster. Will return to the earliest possible date. My blessings to all helpers and relief workers.

– Anonymous

I have been here for 14 years. Japan has given me a lot, and to have fled in panic would have been a betrayal. It’s a privilege to remain in this wonderful country and see it get back on its feet.

– JB, Irish, Teacher

It might be harder to buy bottled water, there are less flashy neons in Shibuya but Tokyo has never been as human. I don’t plan to go anywhere else.

– French, Tokyo, Public relation

I have been doing ALT work for 10 years here in Japan and I enjoy it very much. Japanese people are very humble, cool, calm, hospitable, etc. This is a great country to work and live. I have been in Tokyo last Saturday and it’s like no earthquake 3 weeks ago.

– Anonymous

I’m from Spain, I live in Tokyo and I love this country, I will support Japan forever and I believe in this country. Let’s help to rebuild Japan, all together. We are the only ones able to go against sensationalist mass-media. Thank you Japan, you helped me to be who I’m now, studying and working what I really wanted.

– Marketing Advisor, Tokyo

I fell in love with Japan the first time I got here. The scenic surroundings, great food, and well-mannered people. I believe Japan can rise above everything and anything!

– Filipino-Chinese, Sales, Tokyo

I love Japan, because among all the countries I’ve visited (America, Europe, Asia), Japan is the only truly civilized. People respect others, something as simple as that I have not seen in other countries, not as happens here in Japan. I am very proud to have Japanese blood, and learn every day to live with honor and peace!, how the Japanese teach us every day! Japan reborns like a phoenix, more beautiful and stronger, because the force and the treasure of Japan is in the Japanese spirit!!

– R. A. H. Sakiyama. Kawasaki – Japan.

I was on holiday in Japan when the disaster struck. Now safely back in India. I cannot thank enough for the amount of help and support Japanese people gave us. Wish I can return the favor.

– Amod, India

I am in Japan since Sept 2010 and my wife is Japanese her parents are farmers in Saitama. They checked their products against radiactive contamination and found ZERO contamination. I have no intention to leave this wonderful country in this hard time! Japan will recover that is definite, simply because this is not the first hard time in Japans history!

– Anonymous

Japan is an amazing country, living in Tokyo and working in northern Saitama I have seen the impact of the disasters that befell us. Having been here for over 7 years it is still a safer, cleaner and more polite country than Australia.

– Engineer, Saitama

At the beginning I was quite worried then I found and I realized that it just wasn’t dangerous enough to leave the town I love. TBH I am more worried about eartquakes, but if I was afraid of quakes I wouldn’t move to Japan in the first place 😀

– S.S., Italian Manga/Anime translator and writer, Tokyo

“I’ve been living here for 3 years and came about 10 years ago. It was a life change for me, because I married my wife in 2004, had a child in 2005, and will see her attend Elementary school in 2010. I’m doing my part by continuing to educate Japan’s children, which are the future of the society. While life will be somewhat normal here, there is much suffering for others to overcome in North Japan. Good luck and were praying for them.

– Anonymous, Kagawa, Japan

I have been living here for 8 years and the more I get to know the country and its people, the more I love it. They are always worried about our safety and we do not need to be afraid of living here.

– ALT , Tochigi

I’m an American living in Tokyo for the last five months and I love it here. Looking forward to do my part to help rebuild Japan…

– Anonymous

Living in Osaka, I’m quite far from the affected area, but I think I wouldn’t leave even if I were in Tokyo. Japan is my second home, and I’m convinced that, even though things are tough now, they’re far from being as apocalyptical as some of the foreign media makes them appear. Japan is still a great place to live and work, or just visit and enjoy!

– English teacher, Osaka

How I love Japan and its People. I have been living in Japan for 4 years and working as English Teacher in Saitama City. It’s the best time i can show my concern to Japan. I had my own share of experience and slept at an evacuation center on March 11. This is precisely why I can say, How I Love Japan and its people.
They are so prepared in emergencies like this.
They are so organized in the middle of crisis;
They care and comfort each other before their ownselves.
They are so honest, choosing to die than tell a lie!

– S.V.S. NET, Saitama City

Japan is the eye opener to all over the world. The universe seen how the japanese people handled the difficult situation with dignity and discipline. God has a way to re-build the country better than it was. To those who lost their family my prayers are yours and If you need some help I am willing to give my service.

– Filipino, Yokohama, English Teacher

Probably the best way to help Japan back on its feet is help address the critical shortage of English conversation teachers in the country. If you can’t get a job in a professional field which requires training, education and experience, You can join a small school or one of the remaining big chain schools. I have done it for years. I love it. Once you get the basics down in a week or so, you never have to do more!
Whatever you do, do it with charisma and join in our effort to rebuild Japan.

– Canadian TESOL/CELT-certified Educator

I’ve been in Japan now for 4 years, with my Australian wife and now a 2 month old baby, Out of all this places I could be right now in the world I want to be here, Home.

– British, Church leader, Tokyo

It was a confusing time. Japanese media underplayed it and western media overplayed it. The science of it is, Tokyo isn’t likely to be affected by radiation. what is weak is the economy, so now is a tie to join in and work like we are a nation rebuilding. Westerners always want to teach Japanese ‘how to live’. If you want to be taken seriously, make a commitment when they need you.

– Anonymous

I guess this is the time for Japanese to accept all nationalities in their jobs. Many countries have decovered that diversity is strength. We all want to support provided we are welcome everywhere in Japan.

– Anonymous

Been in Tokyo for 15 years. Japan is wonderful and amazing place. Japanese people are resilient and will rebuild. Have patience and don’t panic.

– Language facilitator, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Japan is a super country to live and work in. Came over on the JET program 16 years ago and never left! Tokyo is going to be fine, and is an amazing city! Come on over and join us in helping a great country recover from a most challenging time!!

– English Instructor, Tokyo, J.M. (USA)

I have been living 1 year ago in Tokyo, studying and getting to know about Japanese technology. Last month I have experience for big earthquake. At that moment, I am really scared for my life and many people. But now I know Japan is how solidarity country and strong mind citizens. So I can not go anywhere, I am staying with safety in Tokyo till now. I hope Japan will be recovered soon!

– Ni Myanmar, Student, Tokyo

I ate great food here, drank great wine here, had great fun here I fell in love here, got married here, have 2 kids at school here, and I’m buying a house here. Japan is home.

– British, Tokyo, Teacher

Throughout history Japan has seen a lot worse, but what makes this country so amazing is how everyone works together. Right now, as one, we can make a difference and the outcome of our perseverance will be the greatest reward. I help educate the youth and they will create a better future! The land of the rising sun will continue to shine!

– Anonymous

The Japanese people will get past this major setback because they are like ants that come together to accomplish goals no matter how high the bar is set. がんばれ日本!

– Mike, Hyogo

I’ve been in Tokyo for the past 5 years ~ the recent events here have affected all of us in different ways, but for me, they’ve reinforced my resolve to stay here. I’m proud to be here with my Japanese colleagues who have so graciously welcomed me, as we work together to rebuild what has been lost.

– American, Writer, Tokyo

I am an American ALT working in the Kansai. Now is a special time in Japan to help our students do the best they can for their futures. I have great junior high and elementary students here. I want to see them “do their best”. It’s not about me, it’s about my students!

– Anonymous

I am going to work in Japan within this year, I want to give and help, with my small contribution, Japan in this difficult time
Nippon ganbatte kudasai !

– Anonymous

I am an entertainer in Japan. I have been here eleven years and consider Japan my home. Japanese people are kind-thoughtful-and considerate. They are also very dedicated and hard working . Japan will recover!

– Anonymous

I’ve been here for 18 years, and it’s home. I’m not going to run at the first sign of trouble! Tokyo is my favorite city in the world, and Japan has been great to me.

– USA, University Instructor, Tokyo

I stayed here for almost 5 years earning good and my life started to improve since the time i work here in Japan till now im here working and wishing a complete recovery and safety for the place i loved to live in.

– Janet, Filipino Overseas Worker/Samahang Pilipino

Hi, to all my sweetest Japanese, I am a bussiness women here in Georgia, I want to serve for Japan, because I love Japanese culture and people, if someone needs my help, as worker or as friend tell me.


– Mongolia, Tokyo, Programmer

I encourage everyone to find crediable resources that are documenting the current situation. Avoid overseas media at all costs! It’s completely geared to scare you. Did you know New York and London’s NATURAL background radiation is higher than what Tokyo is right now?
I live and work in Tokyo. I’m sure things are OK. Keep living your life but always keep educated with facts and make decisions when you need to. Stay strong!!

– Anonymous

Japan is a wonderful country to live and work. it’s absolutley beautiful here. The culture is amazing, The food is wonderful. and the people are so nice, caring, stoic, unselfish, …..they go way out of their way to help or be kind to you. Come here and hitchhike, you’ll find out soon enough what a special place this is. I’ve lived here 22 years, and, after 5 years away, will do it again. I’m from the USA , and a world traveler. Blah blah……anyway, if you’re interested in a great place to live…. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

– R.M.

I had obtained my working holiday visa before the Tohoku Earthquake of march 11, so my intentions have stayed true. I am working here now, I’m having a great time. If I have a summer holiday, I want to volunteer to help rebuild schools in Sendai.

– Canadian, language instructor, Tokyo

There is no place better than Japan! Let’s all do our part and help Japan recover and get back on their feet again. I agree, please hire teachers/others from the affected areas and give them hope and a future! God Bless Japan!

– Anonymous

My family (German- Iranian) have been living in Japan for 26 years (Tokyo and currently Ibaraki) and we are not going anywhere. This is our country, and who would leave her own country at times like this. I am a professional English teacher, currently looking for any job in this field (Tokyo or Ibaraki), because my own school was hit hard by the earthquake and current crisis.

– Anonymous

my name is jai,i was working as pastry cook at mlb cafe,just stop before the terrible earthquake,and now no jobs,but i still have the courage to fight to this disaster and stay and work together with Japanese people to rebuild this country

– Anonymous

Japan is a place which could accept differences. Pray for Japan. I belive that Japan have the strength and power to rebuild. I will do my best to help!!!

– Anonymous

I’m living in Ibaraki, been here for 3 years and despite the constant aftershocks, I love Japan and working here so I don’t plan on going anywhere.

– Teacher

Still keen to obtain a good opening in Japan. I wish to teach in the government school system and am not much worried by scare stories and hysterical overreaction GOOD LUCK!

– Greg (UK)

Japanese people have welcomed me into their lives as if I was family. A very kind and honest nation!

– New Zealand, Toyohashi, English Teacher

I am in Japan since Sept 2010 and my wife is Japanese her parents are farmers in Saitama. They checked their products against radiactive contamination and found ZERO contamination. I have no intention to leave this wonderful country in this hard time! Japan will recover that is definite, simply because this is not the first hard time in Japans history!

– Anonymous

Tokyo has been my home for almost 10 years, and the things I love about it are still the same. The resilience of the Japanese people is legendary, so I’m staying right where I am!

– Anonymous

I’ve been living and working here in tokyo for almost 10yrs. I trust JAPAN

– Anonymous

I worked & studied in Japan for 2 years. I love Japan & it’s people. I pray for all of you! You are not alone! We are with you!
May God Protect you!

– Anonymous

I’ve been to Japan many times and I’m returning this month to get married there! I love Japan and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Nothing would change my mind to move there. Japan is my home!

– Anonymous

Personally I am embarrassed by the Flyjin’s, the foreigners who have left a country that welcomed them just when they are needed the most. I hope they come back, when they are not nfair weather friends like these?

– Anonymous

Moving to Japan was the best decision I ever made. Teaching as an ALT has been the best job I have ever had – no joke. Please ignore the over-hyped western press about Japan, and try something new!

– British, Saitama, ALT

I lived in Japan for two years. Those two years could possibly be the best in my life thanks to the wonderful people and culture of Japan. Seeing the tragedy unfold there is heartbreaking and I feel it as if it was my own country. Now that I am back in the USA I long to go back to Japan and help in any way I can. USA LOVES JAPAN!!!

For rebuilding Japan I think the talent and smart ideas are very needed. need more R&D for quick reform. Need more MBAs for Enhanching Japanese Companies performance that can performe a significant role in national economy.

– H.M.B., MBA graduate(NUCB).

I’ve been here for 4.5 years working a variety of jobs. English teacher, bar staff, pro kick boxer and personal trainer. My experience in this country has definitely made me a better person. Time has gone by so fast.

– Canadian, Tokyo, Trainer/Fighter

I had initially left Tokyo for a week considering my responsibility towards family & after reading/listening sensationalizing news from around the world. Well, being in my senses and after coming back I find it really the same and normal … Its a country where people have shown tremendous resilience and I am sure it will be going forward from here also … I am happy to come back and work !

– Engineer, Indian

Hi, I’m in my final year at University in the UK. Despite everything that has happened in Japan recently I still feel very strongly about visiting Japan next year and about teaching English also. My thoughts are with each and every person in Japan and I know you are all strong people!

As the cherry blossoms start to bloom around us, we are reminded of the cycle of rebirth and renewal…Life goes on.

– English teacher, Kyoto

Two overawing things about Japan after the disasters: the staggering damage done and the indomitability of the people. This nation is beautiful. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

– American, Tokyo

I am trying to bring a hospital ship to Japan from Russia to help survivors of the quake get medical aid and a better place to stay. Look up a hospital ship on Facebook, look, like and link!

– Elena, English teacher in Tokyo

I came here to escape the rat race, find the space and time to do what I wanted as an artist. I would rather be nowhere else in the world but around the people of this country in such a monumental crisis. You’ll have to drag me out here. We’ll get through it together.

– John, UK

I have been doing several projects in Japan during the past few years and I started to love Japan. I tried to find a job in international business development and to move to Japan but still did not succeed. I will not give up cause my wish is even stronger than ever before to live in Japan

– Dieter from Germany

My wife and myself have visited Japan a couple of years ago. Japan is the most wonderful country we have ever seen and Japanese a very kind people.

– Dimitris M., Athens, Greece

I am in Japan since Sept 2010 and my wife is Japanese her parents are farmers in Saitama. They checked their products against radiactive contamination and found ZERO contamination. I have no intention to leave this wonderful country in this hard time! Japan will recover that is definite, simply because this is not the first hard time in Japans history!

– Anonymous

I am in Japan as a visitor. I want to work here but have made no headway with my applications. It is truly a marvelous place.

– Anonymous

I lived in Japan for five years. I am not living in Japan anymore, but not because of the qauke. I plan on returning to Japan, because my connections to the country and commitment to understanding the culture extend far beyond the highs and lows of the economy, enviornmental disasters, or human error. I know that there are many like me, its not time for us to commit to Japan, but to continue the commitments we made a long time ago.

– American, Atlanta, Psychoanalyst

I never thought of going back to study. Except for the Japanese language. But now i begun to study chemistry. there must be a way to stop this mess for everyone and help Japan.

– Anonymous

The downtime happening in Fukushima, Japan is a measure of how united and disciplined Japanese people are. I salute you…..Solutions will be there for all of you and the rest of humanity…I pray this tragedy will end soon…BANZAI!

– Anonymous

I’ve been in Japan for over 12 years and love it–I recommend working in Japan strongly.

– Anonymous

All the world with you ! ganbare Nihon !

– Loic, France

It seems a shame that many people are choosing to leave Japan when it needs them the most. I, for one, am hopefully going to do the opposite as soon as someone will give me the chance.

– British, Creative Writer, England

The way this country has handled the situation with extensive care and dedication just goes to prove the capability and valor of the people in a time of crisis. Of course they can’t do it alone, which is why I’m not leaving. Japan is my home right now and I will not leave it nor the friends and family whom I have met here.

– American, English Conversational Teacher, Yokosuka

I came to Nihon University as a year exchange student in the fall. The spring semester just started and I am thrilled to see my old friends and see that the Japanese people are pulling through out of this!

– Exchange student, Shizuoka

I was in Japan for over a month! i would love to work in Japan! sadly even thoug I have a nice level of English! I am not native! but I loved Japan! if there is the tyniest chance! I would love to go there work and help!

– Anonymous

As a permanent resident, I absolutely love this country. Living in Tokyo offers one of the most thrillingly stimulating lifestyles one could ever wish for.

– Anonymous

Actually I am not a Teacher but a Engineer…I been living here in Yokosuka for more than 6 years..I dont intend to go anywhere..I am here for you Japan

– Anonymous

I’ve been here since 2005 and I don’t plan on going back to the states anytime soon.

American, Niigata, ALT

I worked in Fukushima for a few years and still have many friends there. The school I worked for is contributing to rebuilding by supporting the shelters and continuing to help where they can. I can assure those people that are considering going to Japan now, that aside from the most critical areas, living and working in Japan will continue to be a wonderful and exciting experience. If you’re able to help with the rebuilding, you’ll find your experience beyond rewarding.

– Anonymous

After ten years here and all the ups and downs that come from adjusting to a different culture, why would I throw it all away and leave? This is my home.

– US, Yokohama, part-time mom, writer, teacher

– Anonymous

Japan is “God Country” and I beleived in about 3 to 5 years Japan will be back on its feet running.

– Anonymous

I have lived in this country for about one year now. The Japanese have been wonderful to me, and I love my kids that I teach. I know that like many tragedies that have occurred here, the day will come when all the destruction has been replaced with progress. Until then, the world is with you Japan.

– English Teacher, Shimane

Japan has been my home for 3 years now and for this while, I’ve known Japan too well and trust it will get back on its feet. Courage Japan and keep your determination.

– Cameroonian, English Teacher, Chichibu/Saitama

Since this tragedy happened I decided to stay in Tokyo as I know Tokyo is safe.
I continue my daily life and keep encouraging people to do the same.
What we all need to do is to help the victims.

– Anonymous

When I first arrived here in Japan six years ago, I was awed by its beauty and pristine surroundings. Having studied and taught chemistry in my native country , I know the effects of radiation but that does not diminish Japan’s beauty.

– Edith, Filipina

Dear Great & Beautiful spirit of Japan! I hope that when these few lines reach you they may find you on your way to recovery.

– Anonymous, Noumea

I’ve been living and working in Japan as an English teacher for 2 years and I love it! I wouldn’t dream of leaving. Disasters come and go, but Japan’s culture, beauty, friendliness, and spirit will never disappear.

– ALT, Kyoto

Actually this time is very importent to help re-build Japan. I am interested to help re-build Japan. I am working now at a regional organization in Bangladesh. I want to work some fields if posible.

– Anonymous

I live and work in Japan for 1.5 years now. And especially now I want to stay and share hope and will with my students. It’s not so easy for German nationals, but I am doing my best, like everyone here.

– Anonymous

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