Christmas tree with CAT EARS? Only in Tokyo…

December 21st, 2009By Category: Arts & Entertainment

Might I add that the tree had a tail too!

With that being said Christmas decorations in Tokyo are so awesome! From the Cat tree at Namja Town in Ikebukuro to the beautiful jaw dropping illuminations in Odaiba, you can either feel the Christmas joy or want to say “bah humbug” to it all!

Cat Christmas Tree in Sunshine 60 at Namja Town in Ikebukuro

Cat Christmas Tree in Sunshine 60 at Namja Town in Ikebukuro

For me the decorations made me feel right at home in a far away place. Christmas was introduced to Japan with the arrival of the first Europeans in the 16th century. As it was introduced to Japan at first only a few celebrated Christmas but now Japan has taken in the holiday in their own way with Seasonal illuminations, fried chicken, and a midnight kiss!


One of the beautiful Christmas trees in Odaiba

Christmas day is no different than any other day in Japan with people going to work and all. It is Christmas eve that is very festive with lines super long for Kentucky Fried Chicken for their holiday dinner. And to the bakery to enjoy some Christmas cake. And it’s popular for couples to wish for a kiss before midnight, which is seen as a good luck sign for true love. Which ever way you celebrate Christmas at least once you should try it the Japanese way! Come on grab some fried chicken and wait for ya kiss! ;p


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