Akie’s Summer Fun!

August 15th, 2011By Category: Arts & Entertainment

This is the latest in the Malcolm Ernst series of cartoons.

Hello there everyone! How are you all doing out there in Gaijinpotland? Hope you haven’t forgotten about me.  You remember who I am right?

I’m Akie, your bijin beauty from the land of beautiful ladies – Akita prefecture. If you are new to my blog, let me assure you (or disappoint you depending on how you look at me), by saying that I don’t parade around in outfits like this all-the-time. But it is summer and that means bikinis-bikinis-bikinis whenever the moment arises.  What do you think of this one?

Up here in Akita we get some pretty hot days, like many of you do, so to take advantage of the good weather it’s smart to head to the local beaches, for some surf, sun, and fun. I totally dig the sun and fun, but surfing is not my personal cup of tea. That said, you can find tons of people surfing and sunning.  Best of all, those surfing and sunning (and looking for funning) include us bijins.

This year though, due to the natural disasters a few months back and the radioactive fallout, the Pacific side beaches in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures are not so populated.  This means people are probably heading to Akita’s beaches to beat the weekend heat.

There are many great beaches up and down our coastline.  I’m a little jealous though, some of those girls from the neighboring prefectures are bijins in their own right!

But that’s good news for all you guys following my blog. Just think of how many more bijins you’ll be able to encounter…and no telling where that could take you 😉

I know I’ve talked mostly about beaches and bikinis, but Akita has so much more to offer.

You can go for breath-taking walks along the shore at sunset. You can also see fireworks lighting up the night sky, and bijins in yukatas lighting up the local streets. The early summer rings-in festivals, and of course the tasty food that go along with them. This is also a time for onsens in natural environments; places where you can soak away your cares and woes.

So, grab your bikinis or bathing suits, beach towels and bath towels, develop your appetite for delicious food and a hunger for some fun, and head up to my neck of the woods. Akita is waiting for you…and so am I!

Hahahaha…. Ja mata ne…..

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