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Jin Katagiri, left, and Kentaro Kobayashi

Rahmens is a comedy duo of Kentaro Kobayashi and Jin Katagiri.

They graduated from the print-making department at Tama Art University. They first became famous after appearing on the NHK program  “Comedians on air battle” in 1999.

Kentaro Kobayashi is a scriptwriter and director of Rahmens, and also good at impersonating, pantomime, and conjuring tricks.  On the other hand, Jin Katagiri does funny movements with his natural sense of humor.

Their comedic styles are rap using words of Japanese city names and Japanese prefectures, making voices for things, and introducing Japanese traditions.

Here are examples of their styles.



“Everything has a voice”

A Japanese comedy duo called “Rahmens” has given a voice to some of life’s most simple objects. Makes you feel sorry for the piece of cake, doesn’t it?



“Totsuka-ku” (戸塚区 ) starts from 3:38 ~

Making Japanese city names as a sound that composes rap music.


“Japanese Culture Lab – Sushi”

Japanese Culture Lab series (Sushi, Chopsticks, Dogeza, Onigiri, Ocha etc.) Sushi version.


There are DVDs containing their comedy skits.

You can rent their DVDs at TSUTAYA or buy them at Amazon and other DVD stores.


amazon DVD


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