Another Bijin

September 26th, 2011By Category: Arts & Entertainment

This is the latest in the Malcolm Ernst series of cartoons.

Hey all, it’s me again, Akie from good ole Akita.

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already September and that means the end of summer.  No more hot and steamy weather (hopefully).  No more lush green forests to roam through.  Time to put away the bikinis.  Now it is time to get ready for the fall – hot days and cool nights, changing leaves, and freshly harvested food.  I just love the fall in Akita, it is so beautiful.  In blogs to come, I will be sharing some of the scenic Akita sights and other tasty goodies that hail from this beautiful and bountiful region

And while on the topic of beautiful, I want to share with you an Akita beauty. This is my friend, Mayuko. She is truly an Akita bijin wouldn’t you agree? She has the lovely skin, the beautiful eyes, the charming disposition and all the right attributes in all the right places. Inside and out she has what it takes to be a true Akita bijin!

Mayuko tells me she doesn’t really do anything special to keep herself so lovely. Says she enjoys life, goes out with her friends and takes in the fresh air and great food. She does say that getting enough sleep is vital for anyone wanting to look or feel good. The expression,”beauty sleep” really holds true to us Akita bijins, so like Mayuko, I try to get a good night’s sleep as many nights as I can.

I know Mayuko is just being modest about her beauty secrets. You see, apart from eating right, taking in the fresh air and getting enough sleep bijins, like Mayuko, are also humble people.  I think this attitude of just being nice and not so selfish can keep people young and beautiful. If you are always worrying about things, and trying to be better than others you will just stress yourself out..And who needs that?  Not me, definitely!  Like Mayuko, I try to be easy going and relaxed.  Keeps us healthy and happy!

Mayuko is just one of the many fresh young Akita Bijins that populate this quiet little prefecture tucked far away up here in northern Honshu. We are primarily an agricultural prefecture producing great rice, delicious fruits and veggies, wood products from our ample forests and of course, as evidence right here before your eyes, the most beautiful women in all Japan!  I won’t take anything away from my Japanese sisters in other prefectures, but…well, take a look at Mayuko, and if you aren’t convinced….well, I guess I have to bring you more bijins to prove it – coming soon in future blogs (you can also check previous blogs as I have presented a few of Akita’s greatest resource via this blog).

You could also make plans to come up and see us this fall. The colors will be spectacular, the food delicious, and the women as lovely as ever. If you think Mayuko is a peach, then you’ll want to check out the whole fruit basket! We will all be waiting to see you hehehehe!

So, until next time…..ja, mata ne!

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Malcolm Ernst

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