Most popular karaoke songs in Japan for the year 2011 – Part 1

December 15th, 2011By Category: Arts & Entertainment

This is the party season and there are many opportunities to try karaoke, so we’ll introduce this year’s most popular karaoke songs in two parts.

 1. “Heavy Rotation”/AKB48

 2. “Flying Get”/AKB48

 3. “Maru maru mori mori”/Kaoru and Tomoki and sometimes Mook

 4.  “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”/Yoko Takahashi

5. “Kiseki” (Miracle)/GreeeeN

 6. “Eiko no kakehashi” (Glory bridge)/Yuzu

 7. “Konayuki” (Powder snow)/Remioromen

 8. “Gee”/Girl’s generation

 9. “Chisana koi no uta” (Small love song)/Mongol 800

 10. “Everyday Kachusha” (Headband)/AKB48

 It seems that AKB48’s songs are popular for karaoke singing.

Happy singing!


If you want to know more popular songs in Karaoke, look “Most popular karaoke songs in Japan for the year 2011 – Part 2“.

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  • Perry Eubank says:

    I’m pretty sure the korean version of “Gee” is not a popular karaoke song in Japan (they sing it in Japanese too). It does sound better in Korean though.

  • Alianzista says:

    of course AKB is going to be first. Japanese don’t know about good taste on music > <


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