TV commercial of the week: Pizza-La

January 9th, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment

Here’s the ad for Pizza-La’s new “Cream gratin pizza with crab and shrimp.”

 “Talent” Mari Sekine (center in picture above) is the main character of the commercial. Sekine is a daughter of the famous “talent” (also comedian), Tsutomu Sekine, who is a fluent English speaker, and appears on various TV programs such as “1 okunin no daishitsumon!? Waratte koraete! (Questions from 100 million people?! Laugh and stifle laughter!)” and “ZIP!”.

 Responses for the commercial are “This is the best commercial ever,” “It’s so funny! How is it for you?” and so on.

 Pizza-La has done other funny and catchy commercials for their products, such as below.

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  • Baronvonkroolenstien says:

    You forgot the mindblowing commercial with Bod Sapp. Nothing can top that.

    Anyway, I wonder what crab pizza tastes like. Do I put butter on it?


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