Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySea gets even scarier

January 20th, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment

If you’ve been to Tokyo DisneySea, you will be familiar with the scary (or exciting) Tower of Terror attraction, especially its freefall part.  

Tower of Terror, located in American Waterfront, is one of the most popular rides at Tokyo DisneySea. (Circled in black in map below).

 It is very big and unique building, which you can’t miss. (Picture below)

Tower of Terror has a new campaign, running until March 13, called Tower of Terror: LEVEL 13, which increases the scare factor.  Watch out when you get in the elevator.

People who have experienced LEVEL 13 have been writing their reviews on the Tower of Terror Special Website. Comments include: “The number of times you go up and then fall has increased. My son and I laughed a lot and had so much fun♪ I would like to ride it again!!” (name: Ahirudonako), “I survived it! It is much more scary. Not only how you fall is different from usual but the entertainment has changed too. You have to experience it.” (name: dis_1topi), “I totally had fun with this campaign. Even if you know Tower of Terror, you are still going to be surprised. My throat was sore from screaming too much.” (name: elisa4747), “The elevator rose and fell suddenly before I could brace myself, so it was very scary!!! Look at how the stained glass is different from usual.” (name: mi3_y), “I experienced it!!! It was very different from usual! The elevator falls many times, so it became much more fun!!  (name: sayatam).

 If you have visited the Tower of Terror, let us know what you thought about it.

Source: Tower of Terror Special Website from Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website

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