Mystery singer does covers of AKB48 and Shinji Harada

February 13th, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment

GILLE is a mysterious female singer who does covers of AKB48, Shinji Harada and other artists. She sings a version of one of AKB48’s most popular songs, “Flying Get,” and Shinji Harada’s “Time Travel” in English, with her original arrangement.

“Flying Get”/AKB48 by GILLE

The video below is the original version by AKB48.

Responses to the video of GILLE singing “Flying Get” include “GILLE’s ‘Flying Get’ is much better than the original version.”  “It is way different from the original version. It is awesome that a song changes a lot depending on who sings it.” “It’s super cool!! I got goosebumps. I would like GILLE to sing other songs too!!”

 “Time Travel”/Shinji Harada by GILLE

The video below is the original version by Shinji Harada.

Responses to the video include: “Awesome!! I would like to say one thing. Who are you? Seriously tell us.” “I am already in love with your (GILLE’s) music! With a voice like that, you (GILLE) will definitely be a big star!” (in English) “Amazing singer.Where can I buy a CD?” (in English), and so on.

 GILLE covers other songs such as “Grenade,” sung by Bruno Mars, “Party Rock Anthem,” sung by LMFAO, and so on.

See her videos at You Tube: GILLEsound’s Channel.

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