TV commercial of the week: Calpis history

May 3rd, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment

The video below is the commercial for Calpis water which is a longtime popular lactic fermenting drink in Japan.

The commercial is a montage of Calpis commercials from 1960s. According to Calpis’s official website, the point of the commercial is for Calpis to show its appreciation to customers who have bought the product for a long time, and reaffirm its commitment to keep providing Calpis products to make customers happy — like the children smiling in the commercial.

Calpis water was first marketed in 1919, and its popularity has not diminished in 93 years. In an earlier article on GaijinPot titled “Things that foreigners miss about Japan when they return home,” one of them said that he misses Calpis water. So if you have not tried Calpis water yet, look for it in convenience stores, supermarkets and vending machines.

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