Gundam re-emerges in Tokyo in it’s full-size glory

May 16th, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment, Culture

Gundam 1

This is the second time that a real-size RX 78-2 Gundam has arrived in Tokyo. Odaiba is all of a sudden turned into a heaven for geeks again.

There is not a lot to see if you are not a fan of Gundam. But if you are, you can easily stay in your comfortable dream for a whole day.

Gundam 2

The best excitement is when you approach it from far away, when the huge mobile suit is barely visible in between the branches. Then when the music starts, the Gundam looks up into the sky, engine steaming, ready to shoot off into the universe. And in your head you will be playing all these little snippets of Gundam movie scenes over and over.

Gundam 3

Gundam 4

Gundam 5

When you are finally standing underneath the feet of this giant, a surreal sense of security arises. Gundam and it’s special bond with it’s pilot, has given the mobile suites so much character, even personalities. As if they are merely giant soldiers, living among us.

Gundam 6

Gundam 7

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