Tokyo Ghost Tour

June 1st, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment, Culture

ghost story oiwa temple

Couple days ago, purely by chance, we ran into a group of Tokyo ghost hunters. Never would miss any chance of interesting exploration, we joined the haunted tour of Tokyo.

We first went to Yotsuya, and our guide, an amazing story teller shared with us the story of Oiwa, a ghost that is actually haunting our current spot.

Not only ghosts, aliens are also part of the haunted Tokyo tour. In the picture below you are looking at a piece of meteorite displayed in a very special shop. It is actually part of a sect aiming to contact aliens and the owner apparently has experiences in talking to ex-terrestrials.

ghost story meteorite

Going around in the most haunted area, you are sure to expect some abandoned places. And indeed we past a couple of haikyo houses on the way.

ghost story abandoned house

And here we are, at our final destination. The Tokyo Freak Show! It is an event with a very long history, and this is the last one they will ever have. It seems to be run by a family of freaks. Judging from the old pictures of the show, the owner seems to have been a sexy witch in the past. One of her daughters ate a snake in front of us, and spit the rest of it at the audience. The other one put some string in her noise, got it back from her mouth, and then left a box with it. It seems it was hurting her like hell but she did it anyways.

ghost tour the tokyo freak show

It seems that in the past the show was even crazier. They used to show real freaks, some kind of elephant man I guess. If you happen to be in Tokyo sometimes, you should give this tour a try!

We’ll definitely join again, as apparently they sometimes have ceremonies in Aoyama cemetery where they communicate with the spirits…

Photos by Jordy Meow.
Written by Jing

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