Tokyo Midtown holding many summer events to keep cool

June 26th, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment, Events

Tokyo Midtown, which is marking its 5th anniversary, is holding a special summer event – “MIDTOWN SUMMER 2012” – from July 20 to Sept 2. As part of its campaign to conserve power, the event features activities that let you enjoy a cool summer through Japanese traditional customs.

Midtown Water Works 2012

“Midtown Water Works 2012” is the main event. It is a 10-minute water fireworks spectacle. It starts with a cool mist covering Shibafu Hiroba in Midtown Garden after sunset. Then a light show creates a fantastic world for spectators.

Period: July 20 to Sept. 2 (Canceled in stormy weather)
Place: Shibafu Hiroba in Midtown Garden
Show Time: 20:00 to 20:10 on week nights
19:40 to 19:50 and 20:30 to 20:40 on weekends
Admission: Free

Tokyo Midtown Furinsaisai

Furin are wind chimes often heard in Japanese homes during summer. The chimes have a soothing and almost cooling effect in summer and were popular long before air conditioners were invented. Furin were traditionally used to invite happiness and ward off evil too.

Period: July 20 to Sept. 2 at the Galleria.
Furin Ezuke Taiken (drawing on glass furin): Aug. 4-12 at the Atrium area.

Bacardi Midpark Cafe

The BACARDI MIDPARK CAFÉ is a cafe set up temporarily in the Midtown Garden from July 20 to Sept 2. Here you can savor a  Bacardi Mojito using mint, frozen Mojito, as well as other refreshing drinks, fruit and food.

Period: July 20 to Sept. 2 (Not open on rainy days)
Place: Midtown Garden
Time: 17:00 to 22:00 (L.O. 21:30) on week nights, 15:00 to 22:00 (L.O. 21:30) on weekends
Seats: About 120 seats


“Ashimizu” gives visitors the enjoyable experience of putting their feet into a stream in Midtown Garden. A great way to cool down.

Period: July 20 to Sept 2 (Except Mondays and rainy days)
Place: Midtown Garden
Time: 15:00 to 20:00
Seats: 70 seats
Admission: Free

Roppongi Uchimizu Daisakusen

“Uchimizu” is a Japanese traditional custom of sprinkling water on hot streets, pavements and gardens to cool them down. Tokyo Midtown will hold the “Roppongi Uchimizu Daisakusen” with the local assembly and businesses on July 20.

Date: July 20 (Canceled in the event of rain)
Place: From the Roppongi crossing to Tokyo Midtown outer garden east side
Time: Registration starts at 17:00, event starts at 17:30

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