Takanori Aiba’s Miniature Sculptures

July 26th, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment, Culture

When it comes to details and intricate designs, Japanese artists never fail to impress the audience. Be it a simple painting, clay art, graffiti or bonsai, artists like Takanori Aiba always comes up with something exceptional and breathtaking. Producing bonsai-type models of fantasy buildings and structures, Takanori Aiba shows his audience the rich stories of his works through the density of the decorations and the intricacy of the designs and materials he uses. Here are his miniature fantasy sculptures that are also featured in his official website:

Hotel de Michelin (Front)

Hotel de Michelin (Back)

The Lighthouse – A

The Lighthouse – B

Bonsai – B

Ice Cream Packages Tower

Hawaiian Pineapple Resort

The Rock Island

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