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August 15th, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment

LiVEJAM Music School provides more than just an outlet for Tokyo’s teenagers.

A lot of schools in Tokyo (be they international or Japanese) have good music programs, many have extra curricular orchestra, brass, string and even modern ensembles to give students a chance to play, improve and express themselves. But are they really what the kids want? How many times have your kids taken up an instrument only for their enthusiasm to fade away?

A few stops from Shibuya on the Denentoshi Line and two minutes from Toritsu Daigaku station is ‘LiVEJAM’ Music School, who’s mission is, ‘to provide an education vehicle through music for teenagers that will foster creative inspiration and cross cultural communication.’

Founder Ken Takagi, himself the father of two teenagers, founded LiVEJAM with the view of giving his sons a place to practice and perform away from the school setting, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Takagi studied music himself, but instead chose a career in finance. Spending 20 years outside of Japan. While in the US he came across many “School of Rock’ institutions, and realized not only his sons, but all of the students here in Japan could benefit from this kind of school, and just like that – LiVEJAM was born.

Most students start off at the school taking one-on-one lessons, but as they get more confident and get to know the other students, are encouraged to start up their own band.

The school organizes concerts every 3-4 months to give the students and their bands a goal to work towards: A chance to perform publicly.

“This has been the real key to success. The concerts (JAMOUT’S) are real, the students can experience what it feels like to practice and work on their music, and the reward of giving a great show.

The teachers at the school are not only great musicians in their own right, but have been specially selected, Takagi explains: “Because of their potential to become what we view as good ‘Big brothers’ and ‘big sisters,’ even good mentors for the students.”

We also commit to transparent communication with the parents, and hope that we may even play a small part in facilitating the ‘parent-teenager gap’ where we can”.

Rates at the school vary based on length and intensity of the lessons. trial lessons are available, and for kids who don’t need lessons- they can go and practice or use all the facilities anytime with their band for as little as 8,000 yen per month.

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