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May 3rd, 2013By Category: Arts & Entertainment

Chibi is a Japanese slang word that means short person or small child. The term is often taken offensively when directed toward a person.

However, in manga, it refers to small characters that are often used to represent a form of cuteness. It is a style of drawing characters in manga where the characters are drawn with big eyes, head, small body and over exaggerated emotions and expressions.

akazukin chacha screenshot 1

Credits to rubberslug.com

I don’t know about others, but I really enjoy the funny expressions and chibi animation in between scenes. Those scenes have a direct link to my funny bone and, not to mention, they’re really extremely cute. To satisfy my craving for kawaii stuff, I scoured the web for some online chibi creator and fortunately found one on Deviantart, but it’s officially for DA users only.


Photo credits: Stéfan via Flickr Creative Commons

There are lots of  chibi creators online, and some, require you to either have a login or pay online–because come on, you rarely get something for free. For someone who’s not really gifted with creating manga characters, even little chibi ones, but would like to have one printed as design, ID or for anything at all, chibi makers online would certainly entertain you, especially if you’re a fan of anime or manga.

Photo Credits: chinnian via Flickr Creative Commons

Can you suggest similar sites like these? Or have you tried doing your own chibi anime character without online help?

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