Here’s What’s Happening: The Fashion Expo @ Tokyo Big Sight


Question: “How much fun a national fashion and shopping event in Tokyo is?” Answer? Ridiculously super fun. I went with GaijinPot contributor, Ryoko to learn about what’s up and coming in both local and global brands that are coming to the big red dot.

Don't worry. Your anonymity is safe behind your giant face tag.

Don’t worry. Your anonymity is safe behind your giant face tag.

Here are a few you should check out.




From: France

Date of birth: 2009

The low down: Slick, fashionable travel and sport gear: bags, belts, watches. If Nixon and Swatch had a baby, and that baby was made of recyclable materials and had a French accent… you’d have Skimp.

Product features: Thick hearty zippers and weatherproof materials means major durability, and zero metal belts go through security with ease.

Everything is eco friendly—every product is made from recyclables.

Everything is eco friendly—every product is made from recyclables.

With cool color pops like chili pepper, France, and London Sky reflect the brands commitment to fun and exploration. It feels like a high end surf/sort line, great for active people who like nice stuff.

Fun Fact: The kid’s belts are scented and can be designed with markers (they can be drawn on to make it a one of a kind piece)

Prices: Starting at 3500y

Where to Buy: It’s super exclusive (ah the French), but coming soon to Japan. Learn more at their website.


Made with Sanuk

Made with Sanuk

From: Everywhere

Date of birth: 2013

The low down: A Thai designer, living in LA, decided she wanted to save the world in a fun, fashionable way. Think Rasta-ruffian casual.

Cozy crazy vegan slippers

Cozy crazy vegan slippers

Product features: 100% Vegan Low-Enviro Impact recycled or sustainable products. Both the insoles and outsoles of all footware are biodegradable. Line features funky boots, sneakers, faux-shearling lined mocs, silly chunk- knit hats. We’re obssessed with anything resembling a sock monkey at GP HQ.

Of course you can rock these. It's Japan.

Of course you can rock these. It’s Japan.

Bonus: Tigerbear Republik is all about serving the underserved. Here are a few of the causes the company supports:

  • Children of Bali: Education funding
  • International Lifeline Fund: Clean water in underdeveloped regions
  • Shoe 4 Africa: Aids research
  • Prices: 3900-9500y

Available at their website.

Rainbow Inc.

Frieda in Tokyo <3

Frieda in Tokyo <3[/caption]

The low down: A gorgeous Japanese husband and wife team met while working for an exotic import company. Fell in love with the Mexican aesethic and Rainbow Inc. was born.

[caption id="attachment_64092" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Want this! Want this!

Product features: Catholic-inspired jewelry meant for secular consumption can lean toward the queso-side of fashion, but these guys nails it: the highest quality Mexican silver frames and wall art with gorgeous flower inlays, cool Saint Mary and Frieda pendants on real jewelry chains, and a giant ring that has my name written all over it. It’s real jewelry at great prices (nothing over 20000 y). These are statement pieces that scream summer love.

Want these too!

Want these too!

Fun Fact: Mrs. Rainbow (Ogasawara) is also the model for the brand. Super fox. (Sorry no photos… you’ll have to find out for yourself).

Available at their website.

The Soapbar



The low down: Think Lush, only an indie maker and a million times prettier. We had to stop when the heavenly scent of lemon myrtle and eucalyptus hit our nose holes. And the soaps are so pretty you almost want to eat them.

Soap in a bag.

Soap in a bag.

Product features: Clean fragrance, all natural, and really freaking beautiful soap. It’s almost too pretty to use, and makes a supremely packable and impressive gift. Even the boxes are made of Thai floral paper. Chai, rose geranium, tea tree, all based in coconut or olive oil so again, 100% natural.

Did I mention how pretty this soap is?

Did I mention how pretty this soap is?

Prices: Starting at ¥600

Where to Buy:


And just for fun:

And just for fun:

The low down: Fashion Expos need some Harajuku love. Just to balance out all of the eco-friendly and sustainable goodness we couldn’t help but stop by LLL when a lilac-haired cos-girl came up and planted a wig on Ryoko. These chatty and candy-cute girls let us play with all of the costumes and hair accessories, then gave Ryoko the cutest lace kitty ear headband, and me, of course, patent leather lace devil horns. It’s like they’re psychic or something. Adorbs.

Ryoko chooses her outfit.

Ryoko chooses her outfit.

Products: Costumes, wigs, accessories… who doesn’t need a lace bunny ear headband in their life? No one, that’s who.

Prices: Starting at ¥1490

Where to buy: Rakuten.

Author of this article

Cynthia Popper

Writer/model/actor by day, English teacher by night. When she’s not stalking beauty trends or giving model advice on her blog, she can usually be found in the Shimokita thrift shops or eating more than a reasonable amount of green tea Galbo minis.

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