Splish, Splash, still at the bath!

March 24th, 2009By Category: Culture

akie-blog-4AK- “Oooooh that was so refreshing! And just look, Aki-chan, how silky white and smooth it makes your skin seem!”

AE- “Oh, Akiko, I bet you say that to all the Akita Bijins!  But stop it! You’re making me blush!”

AK- “Well, pink looks great on you Akie. . But honestly, what do you think of these Akita onsens?”

AE- “They’re really great! We talked about this before, but I can’t help thinking how relaxed I feel when I’m soaking all my cares away. I feel like all my stress just floats away while I soak in these waters. I mean like, all the negative stuff just disappears and a new sense of energy seeps in!”

AK- ” I’m with you there! I feel the same way too. Great feeling, isn’t it? Makes me feel well……beautiful inside and out!  And speaking of beautiful, wasn’t the scenery around the outside pools awesome!  Took my breath away!”

AE- “So desu ne! It’s the whole atmosphere here that really contributes to our sense of feeling beautiful. The whole tranquility of such an experience just blows me away! Being here with you makes it even more………….”

AK- “Beautiful?  Thanks.  I enjoy your company too. Onsens are really terrific places to come to with friends. And of course, a great place to be with that certain special someone! And, if you can find one, there are onsen resorts that actually have a private bath in your room!”

AE- “That’s right! Maybe we should bring our boyfriends next time, he he he!” AK- “Yeah, and see if their skin turns milky white too, he he he!”

AE- “Well, let’s change into our yukattas and see what’s for dinner. I’m famished!”

AK- “Me too! It’s almost dinner time, and it will be served right there in our room!”

AE- “Yeah, and the food is REALLY great here too! Oops, there’s another one of our Akita Bijin secrets out of the bag!  Can hardly wait ’til next time to tell you all about it!!  There’s so much to talk about when it comes to Akita and food.  You can enjoy things like…..”

AK- “Hey Akie, let’s goooo!  We’ll see them pretty soon.  I’m hungry.  Ja ne!!”

AE- “Okay okay, I’m coming.  See you all later.  Mata ne.”

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