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gyaruo1Or in English, ‘Man-Gal’. A relatively  new phenomenon (or perhaps I’ve just noticed it recently), is the Gyaru-O. O stands for otoko or man. Gyaru, from the English word, gal also sometimes described as a yankee-girl, refers to a girl who tans her skin, bleaches and often perms her hair, and never skimps on eye make-up. Gyarus are also often fans of deco, something I talked about in my last post. Their fingernails and cell-phones will often be covered in plastic whipped cream and strawberries. They enjoy eating macaroons. They shop at OPA.

This brings me to the gyaru-O. A gyaru-O is the male version of what I have just described. It’s a fantastic name for a fantastic type of man. Peroxide-fresh hair, tanned skin even in the dead of winter 200 kilometres from the beach, always wearing an expensive fluro-coloured tracksuit that was made in China and often smoking menthol-flavoured marlboros or eating cheese-cake filled crepes.

Educated gyaru-O‘s have graduated Junior High. Uneducated gyaru-O‘s have not. What does it matter, though, when you have hair like that? Besides, with the pay they make working at convenience stores and karaoke boxes they manage to buy genuine Louis Vuitton wallets and Prada sunglasses anyway. Maybe because they travel everywhere by bicycle? This makes them ECO too!!

Gyaru-O‘s usually travel in groups and they seem to be more commonly-spotted in Osaka than in Tokyo, but that’s just my opinion. Their main hobbies seem to be walking around doing nothing and sending text-messages. In any case, I’m a fan, and that’s really all I have to say. Why not have a look around your neighbourhood for some Gyaru-O’s today?

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