Meeting a REAL Akita Bijin

May 13th, 2009By Category: Culture

blog-9-kanae Hey, Everyone! Did you have a great Golden Week? I sure did and the weather here in Akita was just gorgeous! And speaking of gorgeous, I want you to meet a Real-Live Akita Bijin in this blog entry! Now, you guys all know that I am not a real person, don’t you?

You know, I am just a cartoon figment from the fertile imaginations of a couple of guys that spend too much time watching us bijins here in Akita and calling it research! So, I want to introduce you to the first of many Real-Live Akita Bijins who just might be able to enlighten us on some of the mysteries of the mystical beauties that populate these surroundings.

So, this is my friend Kanae. Born and raised here in Akita, she works as an OL (Office Lady) and sometimes models for the guy who created me!  We sat down for a chat recently and talked about being an Akita Bijin.

“Kanae, you know, I think you should be the poster girl for Akita Bijins!”

“Come on, Akie, you’re kidding, right? Me? You could be one yourself!”

“Yeah, but I’m just cartoon character!”

“You’re the real thing, a natural, a cultured beauty if I have ever seen one!”

“What does that mean, Akie?”

“Well, you know, you have the look of an Akita Bijin, Kanae. The round moon-shaped face, the white silky skin, the beautiful eyes and hair, what’s the secret to all this?”

“Nothing really. I think we are just blessed with a certain climate up here. Not much pollution, clean water, and lots of fresh veggies and fruits. And of course, natto!”

“Oh, you mean fermented soybeans?” “Yeah, eating it everyday keeps your skin healthy and shinny.”

“I see, so the climate, clean air, clean water, fresh veggies, fruits and natto all contribute to the mystique?”

“Anything else?”

“Good posture and a sense of well-being helps too. You have to feel good to look good!”

“Well, you certainly look good and seeing you makes me feel good too!”

“Thanks for your candid views and for posing with me too. I’m beginning to see what it means to be an Akita Bijin and what it takes to preserve that beauty and mystique.”

“You’re welcome, Akie. I don’t know if I really am your Akita Bijin poster girl, but thank you for thinking so.”

“Oh, I think so! “

“Ja mata ne!”

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