The Skype Song

January 7th, 2011By Category: Culture, Events

Being connected and online is one of the things that makes life in Japan that much easier, allowing constant communication with friends and family back home. On top of that, you can go around boasting to folks who never made the move about how super-fast your internet connection is and how there is almost never ever any downtime.

So how much do you appreciate this? Enough to record a song about it?

Sputniko is someone for whom this year is looking to be a big one. She is a cyber femme based in London but working in Japan. Since 2007 she has produced music, films and electronic devices exploring themes of technology, gender and pop culture. What that means is, you get a whole bunch of transhumanism, vengeful cyborgs and open-sourced boyfriends mixed in with her unique sound.

Born 1985, Tokyo. Sputniko! is, as she puts it, an equation of an English mother and a Japanese father who are both university mathematics professors. Sputniko! also graduated with a BSc Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College, London. She graduated from MA Design Interactions, Royal College of Art in 2010.

We will be featuring some of her other work later this month, but for now, here is Sputniko!’s ode to Skype:


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