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Junichi Yamamoto is a freelance animation creator who was one of the participants in the Creator business support program at the recent Tokyo International Anime Festival 2011.

He was born in Fukuoka in 1985, graduated from Kyushu University’s Department of Visual Communication Design, School of Design, with a Bachelor of Science in Design in 2009. He then obtained his Master of Science in Design from the university.

Yamamoto created  his own animations while still at university. His works have been played more than a million times. Yamamoto has received many awards such as Suzanne Awards 2009 best short films, Miyagi Sendai Anime Grand prize 2011, and so on.

Here is a selection of his animations.

Anemone (2011)

“Anemone” looks at the high rate of suicide through the story of a girl who has lost sight of the important things in life. You can see more details here.


Hot-blooded Alien (2009)

A hot-blooded alien comes to Earth in a time machine and meets a student named Ai who is depressed because her boyfriend has been cheating on her.


memory (2009)

In a future world devastated by a nuclear war,  a damaged household robot is found by soldiers. The robot’s memory tapes give them a glimpse of the past, including a girl’s entire life until her wedding.


melody (2009)

 “melody” is the story of a rabbit boy who is bad at playing the piano in a sad world.


Which animation is your favorite?

Yamamoto created these animations to give audiences a message of hope, bravery and the importance of life.

 More info about Junichi Yamamoto: falcon-one

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