Dancing mayor does his AKB48 act at Coming-of-Age Day ceremony

January 11th, 2012By Category: Culture

We wrote about Monday’s Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies in a previous article Coming-of-Age Day ceremony held across Japan. One of the more unusual ceremonies, which has found its way onto YouTube, featured the mayor of Aso City in Kumamoto Prefecture doing his AKB48 act.

Mayor Yoshioki Sato, above, has become known as the “Dancing Mayor.” He does his act at the Coming-of-Age-Day ceremony every year. This year, he sang “Kazoku ni Narouyo” (Let’s become family), by Masaharu Fukuyama first, and then “Flying Get,” a hit song by AKB48. He finished the song by leaping off the stage.


 Website Itai (Painful) news, which picks up ridiculous news items and posts responses to news topics on 2channel, found the following comments on Sato’s act.

“How much practice did he do?” “My nana was laughing so hard when she watched the video.” “I think that Sato sang AKB48’s ‘Heavy Rotation’ last year.” “He is actually a better singer and performer than AKB48.” “I can only say that it is ridiculous. However, I don’t hate it.” “I don’t know the actual context, but I like that kind of successful person who is not afraid to do something ridiculous. It was fun to watch.” “It’s much better than listening to a boring speech. Awesome!” “Sato is one of the most famous names in Kumamoto Prefecture.” “Our famous mayor becomes a part of culture.” “He is telling the audience not to throw away their childlike innocence even though they have become adults. “

Here are the original songs — Masaharu Fukuyama’s “Kazoku ni Narouyo” (Let’s become family) and AKB48’s “Flying Get”.

“Kazoku ni Narouyo” (Let’s become a family)/Masaharu Fukuyama

“Flying Get”/AKB48

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