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JAPAN SCENE” on YouTube introduces videos of scenery and culture in Japan such as “JAPAN 2011” (an 8-minute tour of Japan), “Kyoto 3min trip (in the afternoon)”, “SAKURA/TOKYO 2011,” and so on.

So even if you aren’t planning a trip to Japan, let these videos take you on a grand tour.

Below are some videos from JAPAN SCENE.


JAPAN 2011 (8-minute tour of Japan)

The video shows scenery of Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture, Miyagawasuji in Kyoto, Hakodate in Hokkaido, Shibuya in Tokyo, and many other places in Japan from morning to evening.


Kyoto 3min trip (in the afternoon) 

Kyoto is known for its many traditional aspects of Japanese culture such as Kinkaku-jiGeisha, and so on. The 3-minute video shows Kyoto in the afternoon.



Spring is almost with us, which means “sakura” (cherry blossoms). The video shows Tokyo full of sakura.


KONDOI BEACH/OKINAWA 2011 10minutes Relax

Okinawa Prefecture has a unique culture and food such as bitter melon and Ryukyuan music. Okinawa Prefecture is also famous for its beautiful ocean and beaches, which are introduced in the video.


You can see more scenery from Japan at “JAPAN SCENE” on YouTube.

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