CEATEC 2010 electronics show opens

October 5th, 2010By Category: Events

Japan’s major information technology and electronics fair CEATEC opened today, featuring displays on the next-generation ‘‘smart grid’’ power transmission network and a wide lineup of products using 3d tech.

Officially, a total of 616 companies and groups, of which 196 are from overseas, have registered to exhibit their products and technologies in 2,255 booths at the five-day CEATEC Japan 2010 fair, held at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba.

One of the highlights of this year’s show is a 3D theater where the audience can experience a simulation of a near-future city. The city features an IT-driven smart grid introduced in the social infrastructure that optimizes the balance between the demand and supply of electricity to realize a low-carbon society.

Smart grids are efficient power transmission networks that are also expected to encourage the use of renewable energy such as solar and wind because they give stability to the output of electricity supplied by such fluctuating natural power sources.

Among the presentations of products using 3D technologies, Toshiba is showcasing 3D televisions which can be watched without wearing special glasses. The company plans to sell the TVs in late December in Japan as the world’s first company to release such a product.

Toshiba have already unveiled 12- and 20-inch liquid crystal display 3-D REGZA TVs while a similar TV in the 56-inch model is also on display.

Among other high-profile exhibits, Hitachi is demonstrating a new type of energy-saving compact display it has developed jointly with Pixtronix of the US.

The display, intended for portable devices such as smart phones and tablets, consumes only about half of the electricity compared with LCDs, allowing people to read electronic books longer without recharging the batteries. Hitachi plans to begin mass-producing the new display possibly in late 2011.

The organizers of the trade show will also open a space for business-to-business communications Wednesday until Friday aimed at increasing business opportunities for vendors and users. The event opens to the public tomorrow and will be free on Saturday.

Find out more at the official Ceatec Japan site.

Photo Credit: xenohawk / Flickr

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