The Open Reel Ensemble

March 11th, 2011By Category: Events

Gathering at the intersection of art, technology and media are are the unique musical quartet that make up the “Open Reel Ensemble.” At the heart of their gigs are four open reel tape machines, the kind that were once used to record audio and video back in the 70s, used to make scratching in much the same way your regular Saturday night DJ uses records and a turntable.

What’s more remarkable still however is that the guys behind Open reel assemble don’t actually touch their equipment – or at least directly. The whole set is controlled via iPhone, handled by Hisashi Wada from across the stage using a custom-built app that hooks up to the tape reels via wi-fi.

The YouTube embed here gives you a better idea of how it runs:


Go check it our for yourself in early April.

U-zhaan × rei harakami & Open Reel Ensemble. April 16, Super Deluxe, Roppongi (Tokyo).


Advanced – 3,500yen

Door – 4,000yen

If you can handle the eLawson ticket machines then the L code is 73144 (Tel: 0570-084-003). You can also get in touch with the organizers here to book a place:0570-000-777 (10:0020:00).

Photo Credit: Open Reel Ensemble



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