Daiba Memorial Tree Illumination at Decks Tokyo Beach

November 15th, 2011By Category: Events

The Daiba memorial tree, which is 20 meters tall, 10 meters wide and decorated with 200,000 LEDs, marks its 16th anniversary this year.

The theme this year is “Hope and bonds.” The illumination moves like animation to show a white bird praying for the restoration of the  Tohoku area hit by the March 11 disaster, a rainbow for a positive future and illuminations giving people hope and courage.

The illumination, which runs through Jan 10, lights up each evening at 5 p.m. following Ai Kawashima’s new song “Issho-ni” (together).  It lasts until midnight.

The best place to take photos is at the heart mark illuminated object, with the Daiba memorial tree in the background.


For Decks Tokyo Beach information, see Decks Tokyo Beach official website

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