Domino’s Pizza offering unique discounts

December 1st, 2011By Category: Events

Pizza delivery company Domino’s Pizza is offering some unique discounts. The Amazing Coupon Festival includes “Glasses discount,” “Maeda discount,” “Alone discount,” and so on until Dec 18.

For example, the “Glasses discount” is applicable to customers who wear glasses, “Alone discount” is for anyone who doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, “Osage discount” is for those who wear their hair in two braids, the “Maeda discount” is, of course, for those customers whose family name is Maeda, “Section chief discount” for people who are section chiefs, “Parakeet discount” for people who have a parakeet, “2nd grade middle school student discount” for 2nd grade middle school students, “1st floor discount” for people who live on the 1st floor, and even a “Kindness discount” for customers who are kind to  the pizza delivery person.

Choose the one that applies to you from the Amazing Coupon Festival Official Website. It’s necessary to log in to Domino’s Pizza online when you want to use the service. The discounts apply after you prove to the pizza delivery person that the discount is applicable to you.

The Amazing Coupon Festival Official Website shows which discount is used the most and the ranking for popular discounts.

You can see rankings on "RANKING NOW!"

The most popular discount so far is the “Glasses discount.”

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