Executive Fight Night 2: Refugees International Japan

May 13th, 2013By Category: Events, Living in Japan

For people who have been displaced from their homes and lost control of their lives, one of the most important things is to re-establish a degree of normality in their lives – to rebuild self-respect. Projects such as community training and leadership help people to re-discover themselves and handle the trauma they have experienced.

Refugees International Japan (RIJ) is a Tokyo based independent, registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to assist refugees who have lost everything as a result of war and conflict.

We provide hope to refugees by funding projects that rebuild lives and restore human dignity in a sustainable and community-orientated way. RIJ operates according to a strict code of accountability and transparency, so that you can see for yourself exactly where, when and how your donation is making a difference.

Our approach to selecting projects emphasizes community and sustainability. Community involvement is essential to ensure that projects effectively address the specific needs of each community in a way that is sustainable and far-reaching. Correspondingly, the emphasis on sustainability ensures that beneficiary communities do not become reliant on funding, but rather develop self-sufficient means of rebuilding the strength within the community.

For Syrian children living temporarily in Jordan RIJ has funded provision of uniforms and books giving the children the right to learn and play and allowing their parents time to handle the problems of living in exile. For years RIJ has funded the provision of baby kits to mothers giving birth in the jungle or in camps where otherwise infant mortality can reach as high as 60%. These kits improve the situation as well as making the women feel cared for.

Whether at the beginning or end of their journey – RIJ provides support and hope to refugees at every step of the way. Graduates from RIJ-funded Social Development courses in camps on the Thai-Burma border have gone on to work for human rights groups and to participate in negotiating peaceful settlements to the conflict.

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