Oden, mixed stew, sukiyaki most favored ‘nabe’ dishes in winter

January 31st, 2012By Category: Food & Dining


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Japanese people love eating “nabe” (hot pot), especially in winter.

According to Whether News, 88% of 16,428 Japanese people polled ate “nabe” in December and January. The average number of times was 11.31. The survey also showed that people living in the western part of Japan are more likely to favor “nabe.”

Japanese people spend an average of 1,046 yen for each “nabe” meal. People in Okinawa spend the most — 1,375 yen. Even though the warmer climate of Okinawa would seem to be less compatible with “nabe,” Okinawans enjoy it with tasty local ingredients.

The research shows that 90% of Japanese see eating “nabe” as a great chance to socialize with family and friends.

The most popular “nabe” were “oden,” mixed stew, sukiyaki, chicken and vegetables, and kimuchi.

Source: MONEYzine

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