How to make NYC Style Sesame Bagels(胡麻ベーグルの作り方)

July 6th, 2012By Category: Food & Dining

So how many of you are from NYC? Montreal? have the custom to eat bagels on a daily basis? As for me, the very first time I learnt about “bagels” when in 1994 in Huntington Beach, California, USA. It was after our daily running training session, and my coach took me and her daughters to a bagel shop located just by our high school (which exposes my age, doesn’t it? LOL).

I even have the pamphlet that my coach has handed to me to show me what selections they had. I at first did not understand why American prefer eating hard bread, cause as Japanese, we would prefer soft and fluffy breads, but with experimenting with blueberry bagels and other kinds, I started to “get it”.

I never really talked about what makes Bagels special with anyone, but in my opinion, the contrast of the surface that is hard and crispy, and the chewy dough makes it fun to eat, and with bagels, you need to chew a lot, and more you chew, it gets sweeter and sweeter. Is that why you guys crave bagels??

The very first time I learnt how to make bagels was during the following year after I relocated to West Vancouver and in my home economics class, our teacher introduced how to make the NYC style bagels. I had no idea how easily we can make such a popular bread! Ever since, I had not made bagels to be honest, and because I feature a lot of sweet recipes in my YouTube channel, I was attempted to make Montreal style bagels, but I was given a great opportunity to feature music of one of my favorite artists out there, Mr. Rainer Trueby on Compost Records, which is a very well known and established lavel in Germany, I decided to make something rather “salty and sexy” to compliment the sounds.

Here is my how to make the NYC style Sesame Bagel tutorial video, and the whole recipe can be found here.

As for the sandwich, I put prosciutto, dried figs, cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper, and lettuce on cream cheese scread bagels, and OMG it came out so delicious! this weekend, if you have time, I suggest you trying making bagels at home so that you can bring NICE sandwiches for breakfast or lunch to work, and I swear to God, you will totally understand what it means to let “good food uplift us!”.

Thank you for your attention and have a beautiful day, everyone!

Love and light, Kumigar x

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One of the YouTube NextUp Japan 2011 contest winners, Kumigar aka Kumiko is a free spirit, bilingual Japanese chef/artist/vlogger/reporter/activist who enjoys sharing cooking videos of her creatively designed recipes bringing humor and an unique video editing style into the art of cooking to entertain viewers from all over the world.

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