London Olympics 2012!! What kind of In-Flight Meal Do you want to Eat to London?

July 27th, 2012By Category: Arts & Entertainment, Food & Dining

OMG! the London Olympic games are starting TODAY!

Don’t you all agree how all of Japan goes crazy whenever we have big athletic games? Olympics, World Cup Tournaments, Figure skating to name a few.

For example, let’s say I go to a fitness gym to get my exercise done, and during the Olympic season, literally everyone would be checking out games on the tv attached to their cardio machines, but when I was in Toronto, not many people were into following the Olympic games, and I used to wonder why. Like.. Why is that?!!!! LOL

Do you think it has something to do with our group activity mentality where native Japanese are taught to compete against another as a group (rather than an individual) and that it is natural for us to cheer athletes that represent our country?? I want to know some of your thoughts on this.

Personally I LOVE cheering athletes that represent Japan. I also love shouting my lungs out for inspiring athlete like Bolt. I am super excited for the Olympics! and at the right timing, the Virgin Atlanta airline held a in-flight meal recipe competition, so I had to submit my recipe, and here is the video that I want to share this week.

I have traveled with quite a few airlines in my past: United, Delta, US Airways, American, Northwest, JAL, ANA, Korean, Air New Zealand, Austrian, Lufthansa, Austrian, Singapore and Virgin Atlantic.

Based on my experience, I know what to do and what not to do during flight. I bet all you people reading this blog also has your own opinions! 🙂

Back in the days, when not many airlines paid much considerations on in-flight meals, I never really ate given foods, cause it was too high in salt, fat, and I normally ended up feeling sick feeling nausea and bloated legs and I did not enjoy traveling at all to be honest. But maybe because I happened to be traveling more between Japan and Europe, traveling and in-flight meal experience became more pleasant and enjoyable in the past few years, and I must admit I LOVE the Virgin Atlantic Airlines for many reasons (wide selection of movies; tasty-healthy in-flight meal and snack options; option to upgrade the class right before flying as long as seats are available etc).

Personally, my in-flight requirements are:
– Healthy
– Tasty
– Not so high in salt
– Exciting
– Not heavy on my systems

I would not want to eat garbage food neither, and based on my personal needs, I came up with this recipe.

If you want to eat something like this traveling to London in Economy Class via VA next year, please vote for me!

How to vote:

You can also try making this at home, if you like and here is the recipe

Thanks for reading 🙂 Kumigar x

Author of this article


One of the YouTube NextUp Japan 2011 contest winners, Kumigar aka Kumiko is a free spirit, bilingual Japanese chef/artist/vlogger/reporter/activist who enjoys sharing cooking videos of her creatively designed recipes bringing humor and an unique video editing style into the art of cooking to entertain viewers from all over the world.

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