Finding Imported Food in Japan: The Nightmare is Over

August 1st, 2012By Category: Food & Dining

Several nights a week I enjoy a hot bowl of miso soup along with a wide variety of Japanese food. And while I love my Japanese food as much as the next gaikokujin I inevitably end up craving, no, desperately craving, food and other products from home.

Years ago my Sunday routine consisted of a tour of no less than 5 supermarkets. Between all five supermarkets I managed to piece together a pantry full of goods I wanted and needed but it was a hassle I soon grew too busy to deal with.

With that in mind I created my very own online supermarket called Yoyo Market.

Yoyo Market has the largest selection of Costco Japan products online in the country, as well as a massive selection organic food, and other imported goodies. If you’re like me and tired of doing a tour de supermarket every weekend, and don’t have a car or the 4 hours it takes to do a Costco trip then I think you might just like what Yoyo Market has to offer. Not only are we Costco Japan specialists, our IKEA delivery service is the only such service in English in Japan. Simply put, we can bring you the best of products from Costco, IKEA, and so much more. What’s more when it comes to shipping we really stand out. Order before noon on a weekday and we can have it to you as early as the next morning for most of the country, and we don’t charge you for cold or frozen boxes. Just order what you want and we’ll split it up into different boxes at no extra charge. On top of all the above we vow to offer the most personal and friendly service out of any online shop in the country. Give us a try and see the Yoyo Market difference.

If you are looking for imported food and household goods give us a look, try and order, and then sit back, relax and doing something else with your precious free time. I know having my Sundays free has led to a healthier, and happier Jason, which if you ask my wife, is indeed the end of a nightmare!

Yoyo Market delivers Costco, IKEA and so much more, directly to your door. Anywhere in Japan. With cheap shipping, delivery as quickly as next day and absolutely unparalleled customer service, it’s easy to see why so may of our customers rate us as ‘Amazing!’. Give us a shout and let us know how we can help. Find out more:

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