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September 27th, 2012By Category: Food & Dining, Shopping, Travel

The outdoor Aoyama Farmer’s Market in Omotesando is a great place to buy organic fruit and vegetables from around the Kanto region. Every weekend on both Saturday and Sunday, there is a variety of prime produce brought in by local farmers. It is hugely popular and provides a shopping experience with a difference. There are also organic health and beauty items such as soap and shampoo, mobile restaurants and a beautiful and colourful basketware shop.

Also in the vicinity are Daylesford Organic, an organic shop and restaurant (it’s totally yummy) originally from the Gloucestershire in the UK which has delicious jams and a bakery as well as Natural House, a chain of organic and natural supermarkets that specializes in organic produce, free-range meats, unprocessed grains, vitamins, body care products and natural cosmetics.

All three places are perfect for organising and getting the ingredients together for a lunch or dinner party.

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Gabrielle Ewart

Gabrielle is from London and has been living in Tokyo for 3 years.  Her recent foray into blogging has been a chance to find a place to put photos in case of an emergency and do some seriously fun research.  Tokyo is a continuous source of inspiration, every corner you turn there is something intriguing.  For street, amateur and professional photographers Tokyo is infinite.  She is about to publish her children's books on Kindle Fire under her pseudonym, Isis Ixworth.  Check out her writings at, and

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