Pasta and Pastries at Pasta Piccola

October 18th, 2012By Category: Food & Dining, Travel

If you find yourself suddenly craving for pasta dishes and the smell of coffee and pastries, you can always stop by this restaurant in Chikusa.

We took my mom to Pasta Piccola since they have amazing Italian food! They didn’t disappoint and my mom loved their food! Of course, since we went to Pasta Piccola we couldn’t resist stopping by Vincennes Cafe! Pasta Piccola is located in Chikusa and they have 2 restaurants. They offer everything from great pasta dishes to mouthwatering desserts.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these scrumptious food we had on our visit.

Vincennes Cafe is located across the street from the JR Line Chikusa station. Pasta Piccola is owned by the same owner of the Vincennes Cafe, so if you would like directions to Pasta Piccola you can ask the wait staff or see some reviews and directions (in Japanese) here.

Happy eating!

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Victoria Marie Hurd

Victoria blogs on Victoriainjapanland about places that she visits. Most are in Japan, but also about other countries that she visits. She has been blogging since she moved to Nagoya in 2010. She enjoys using her photos to show the interesting sights that she encounters in her travels. When she isn't taking photographs she is working as an English instructor and daydreaming of places that she can go to to take photos. She resides in Nagoya with her Japanese boyfriend and her cat.

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  • This may be a little late, but I just stumbled upon this entry. Thank you Leslie!

  • This entry should be updated as Vincennes cafe closed. Apparently, the two owners had a fight and couldn’t come to an agreement. So, because they couldn’t get along the customers now have nowhere to go. If anybody has any suggestions for a cafe with amazing cakes, quiet atmosphere and delicious coffee, I’m all ears!

  • leslie nguyen says:

    The food pics look amazing!!


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