Donut Shop in Omotesando

November 13th, 2012By Category: Food & Dining

Coffee starts my day right. But it would be really nice if I can pair it with bread or donuts. This pair is the perfect start to a long week of work and I’m sure that anything good, delicious, bright and colorful would make mornings perfect…things that this shop offer.

Love Sweets Antique is a donut shop at the junction of Aoyama Dori and Omotesando (exit B3 or A5 to avoid traffic lights).  Unlike other donuts, these are stone cold (stored in refrigerator) and have a thick, slightly creamy textured topping with a light sponge underneath.  They come in 8 flavours – peach, melon, orange, matcha, mango, blueberry, strawberry and chocolate – and are light, refreshing, sophisticated and exquisite.  I had the mango one which was like mango pudding – full of flavour and delicious.  The shop front extends 20 feet up the wall and the interior (though no seating area) has cute ceramic rabbits surrounded by multi-coloured donuts plus the endearing donut chandeliers.

Whether or not you’re a fan of sweet food, seeing this shop’s vibrant colors and mouthwatering sweets and bread would definitely make you crave for sugar. Website in Japanese only

Photos by Gabrielle Ewart

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Gabrielle Ewart

Gabrielle is from London and has been living in Tokyo for 3 years.  Her recent foray into blogging has been a chance to find a place to put photos in case of an emergency and do some seriously fun research.  Tokyo is a continuous source of inspiration, every corner you turn there is something intriguing.  For street, amateur and professional photographers Tokyo is infinite.  She is about to publish her children's books on Kindle Fire under her pseudonym, Isis Ixworth.  Check out her writings at, and

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  • leslie nguyen says:

    I’ll probably get a root canal after visiting this place! Heh heh. I am surprised there are not more flavors though than the eight already.


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