A Piece of Thailand in Japan

November 15th, 2012By Category: Food & Dining

Sato and I LOVE this Thai restaurant. We came across it because at my first job I was a preschool teacher. One of my student’s family is Thai and has this Thai restaurant. They invited me to their restaurant and so Sato and I went and the food was soooooo good!! When I am craving spicy food Sato and I go here. He isn’t very good with the spicy foods so even though we ask them to bring down the heat he still starts sweating. When they bring down the heat it’s about perfect for me, spicy without losing the flavor. If I had to guess my spicy tolerance level, I would say about medium or a little below medium.

This is a sauteed vegetables  and one of their soups, I think it was a seafood soup with egg or something in it. I can’t remember what it was called, but they have pictures in their menu so just match and order!

 This is one of our favorite dishes at this restaurant. It is a seasonal dish, because crab is a winter item. This is deep fried crab with a curry sauce that has egg, onions and some other veggies in it. We order rice and put this on top of rice and it is the best thing ever! I’m sure it’s not the best for the waistline, but we don’t eat here ever week so it’s ok! lol 

This time we wanted to try some new dishes (they have a very extensive menu!). This was a fish with veggies! We were getting full at this point so we were glad that it was a small dish! It took them a little while to get this dish out, but apparently they are down a chef and are in the works for a second chef. So, the speed in the kitchen should pick up once they find a suitable chef for their kitchen.

Sato and I LOVE this dessert! It is coconut milk with this aloe jelly rice type things. They can’t even really describe it that well, but it is one of the best desserts that I have every experienced eating…..and I have eaten a lot of desserts!

So, if you are in Nagoya and are craving something spicy, or just some good thai food go here! It is called Don Muang and I believe you can find them online. Please visit this restaurant, I guarantee you will not be disappointed by the food!

Author of this article

Victoria Marie Hurd

Victoria blogs on Victoriainjapanland about places that she visits. Most are in Japan, but also about other countries that she visits. She has been blogging since she moved to Nagoya in 2010. She enjoys using her photos to show the interesting sights that she encounters in her travels. When she isn't taking photographs she is working as an English instructor and daydreaming of places that she can go to to take photos. She resides in Nagoya with her Japanese boyfriend and her cat.

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