A Delicious and Healthy Summer Smoothie

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in a kitchen, so I’ve decided to try to make more recipes to share with everyone.

Few days ago, I got blender. I was actually inspired several days ago when I went to this Mexican restaurant and ordered a cocktail, which turned out to be a smoothie. I randomly chose one from the photos and when I tasted it,  it was surprisingly delicious. So I thought I’d get a blender for my kitchen and start experimenting with different kinds of cocktails, also in preparation for summer. Here’s the smoothie I came up with:

smoothie 1


  • Fresh strawberries
  • Frozen (or fresh) blueberries
  • 1 banana
  • few fresh mint leafs
  • few ice cubes

(You can put as much as you want, it depending on the number of people you’re going to serve the drinks to)

smoothie 2

Put some ice cubes into the blender (try to choose not so big ones, to make it easier to blend)

smoothie 3

Add blueberries — it doesn’t matter if it’s fresh or frozen

smoothie 4

Add banana slices (if you will make for more than two persons I suggest to put more of this fruit, but it still depends on how thick you want your smoothie to be)

smoothie 5

Put in delicious strawberries. Take out the green leaves and cut in a half.

smoothie 6

Add some fresh mint leaves as well.

smoothie 7

Add orange juice and blend it.

smoothie 8

That’s it! You can choose to make it more presentable by serving it in special glasses. I personally love to drink this in the morning because it’s refreshing and makes me energetic all day. It’s not only healthy and delicious, it’s perfect for the coming summer season.

smoothie 9

Author of this article

Juste Janusauskaite

I'm a 24-year old Lithuanian girl living in Tokyo. My life is pretty crazy, but very happy. I used to live in Dublin, Ireland and in London, England for a while, and I am now living in Japan which I love very much! I'm very lucky that I have opportunity to live here, Tokyo is one of the the most amazing and weirdest cities in the world. My blog is about stuff I'm passionate about, things which inspire me and other charming discoveries along the way.

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