Donuts, Drunk Texts, and Downton: 5 iOS Apps Every Expat Girl Needs

Handy, funny, and cute! Here are five awesome apps for the lady ex-p on the go.

Foodspotting: This app is amazing! It geocodes your location (anywhere in the world) and tells you exactly where the yummy is, gives you a map, and how far said yummy is from your mouth. Plus it has guides on street food and food celeb picks. The interface is super smooth and the photos make you hungry. Best of all it’s free on a variety of mobile platforms.

Why yes, I do want a Matcha donut.

Drunk Text Savior: When you’ve had one too many in your favourite expat bar, this app is the annoying sober girlfriend you hate that night but love the next day. It analyzes your texts and warns you if you’re stepping into embarrassment or bad booty call territory (notice I said bad booty call…). Keeps you safe from Facebook and Twitter drunk posting as well. Worth it’s weight in Chu-hi. Drunk Text Savior is available for .99 in the iOS App Store.

But I LOVE HIM. You don’t understand mendhsfagusg….

Downton Abbey, The Game: Fact: every English-speaking woman on the planet is addicted to this show. Here’s a silly game to show your friends you know more than they do about Maggie Smith and explore the many reasons why Mary is such a bitch. Find it for 0.99 on the iOS App Store.

What Is a Weekend?

What Is a Weekend? I was shocked at how awesome is compared to Amazon US. You can literally order something in the morning and have it delivered by the end of the day. Whaaaa? Granted, this app is tough for me because my Japanese is still at a four-year old level, but for those of you who can read Japanese, this is a great app. Download the Amazon app, switch countries, and BOOM. The world is at your doorstep by the time you get home tonight. Free from the iOS App Store.

Shopping on the go.

Shopping on the go.

How to Do Your Own Cute Nails: If you love nail art but don’t want to throw down mad cash for a decent mani, this app is the bomb. Simple to use, and filled with cute nail tutorials for your at-home session. The “Effie Trinket from Hunger Games” mani is a personal favorite. Cute Nails is available in lite and paid versions in the iOS App Store.

Pimp My Nails.

Pimp My Nails.

Author of this article

Cynthia Popper

Writer/model/actor by day, English teacher by night. When she’s not stalking beauty trends or giving model advice on her blog, she can usually be found in the Shimokita thrift shops or eating more than a reasonable amount of green tea Galbo minis.

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